Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratibha To Get Married Again?

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kusum tells Prema, Prarthana, and Pari that Pratibha forgot them all, she picked call and disconnected it saying wrong number. Prema says if Pratibha had tasted Panjiri’s prepared halwa, she would have got back her memory. Pari says let us buy halwa from market and name it as Pratibha’s halwa. Panjiri walks in and takes Prarthana away shouting to stay away from her didi.

Prathana is back at her parent’s home having forgot everything. Her mother gives her bills to calculate. Prarthana says it is more complicated than cheap mobile. Mother says she is searching boy for her, but everyone is behind dowry. Prarthana says she will marry only a boy who is not greedy for dowry and does not need a single rupee. Kunti with Kanhaiya and Pratap walks in. Prarthana asks

why did she come back again and complains her mother that this aunty is behind her calling her bahu. Kunti says she is her bahu. Mother lets her in and says boy’s family came. Prarthana asks them to go. Mother asks to sit and questions if conductor came personally to drop them. Pratap says he is sasuma’s damad and not conductor. Mother asks what does Kanhaiya do, he is very handsome. Pratap says saale sahab is very handsome, except his nose is bhajia/fritter like Kunti’s. Her husband enters. Kunti greets him. He asks who are they. Mother says they came with Pratibha’s alliance. Kunti says they already married, she just came to take back her bahu. Father says he does not know them and asks them to go out. They walk out sadly. Pratap continues his jokergiri and yelling. They then see maas marriage organizers informing Pratibha’s family that Pratibha is selected for mass marriage event after 4 days. Family rejoices. Kanhaiya reminisces marrying Pratibha during mass marriage event. Pratap says god is repeating same event again.

They all 3 return home. Prema walks in. Pratap asks her to go away before Kunti yells at her and even she loses memory. Prema gets romantic and says she will remember everything if she looks into her love’s eyes. Kunti stuffs her mouth with kaju badam and says she will not open her mouth at all.

Prathana tries to explain Panjiri that they both are Kanhaiya’s wives and are staying here. Panjiri does not believe and calls her wrestler uncle and complains they both are in trouble. Uncle says he will come there right now. Kanhaiya hears her calling mama/uncle and gets tensed reminiscing how mama kidnapped him and forced him to marry last time on gun point. He runs and informs Kunti. Kunti starts joking. Prema brings water for her. Kunti says her plan of keeping her mouth shut with kaju badm failed. Kanhaiya asks what will they do now if mamaji comes here.

Precap: No precap.

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