Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kunti makes Bua realize Bahu’s unique qualities

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema seeing candle falling on Phupha ji’s dhoti catching fire. She shouts Phupha ji and shows the fire. Phupha ji is shocked. She shouts Kanhaiya ji. Kanhaiya and others come and throws water on Phupha ji. Phupha ji blames prema for the mishap. Prema says sorry. Pratap says Phupha ji didn’t get unconscious. Bua tells that he was almost dead. Pari asks Phupha ji how is he and pours kerosene oil on his body thinking it as a water. Kanhaiya says it is kerosene oil. Everyone shouts. Pari says it is water and is about to lit the match stick. Everyone runs from there. Prema says sorry to Kunti for dropping candle by mistake.

Bua is leaving with phupha ji. Kunti and Kanhaiya try to stop them. Bua refuses and says we are going to save our life. Pratap asks for

nek. Bua refuses to give and goes. Kusum says they will never return again. Kunti scolds her bahus for trying to learn each other’s qualities. Bua returns to Kunti’s house with Phupha ji and asks where is well qualified bahu. Pari says I am the one. Phupha says my son in law needs our help as he is taken help phone a friend. Pratap takes call and asks Vinod why did you give his number. Vinod asks who are you and asks questions. Who fought Panipat war and gives option.

Pari says why A B C D fight and asks him to call them and ask. Vinod asks her to tell fast as time is ending. Pari says we will call you back. Pratap brings Pratibha and says B. Babur. Pari asks him to lock D. Pratibha says no. phupha ji asks Vinod to lock and asks him to lock B. Phupha ji says no. Bua asks Kunti if she don’t want her damad to win. Pratibha and kanhaiya ask him to lock B. He wins 46 lakhs. Kunti tells that pratibha is well educated and understanding. Bua asks then who is good at cooking. All bahus give their intro showcasing their qualities. Kunti says they tried to learn each other qualities like a fool and asks them to prosper in their own qualities. Prema apologizes. Pratap asks Bua to forgive them and asks Phupha ji to go to washroom before eating. Pari takes selfie. He faints. Pari says smile and takes selfie.

In the heaven, Shiv ji talks to Parvati and tells that he have to meet Kunti as tomorrow is karwachauth. Kunti’s friend come and have snacks at her place. They leave. Shiv ji comes and asks her if she is happy. Kunti says yes. She says she will bring jalebis for him. Shiv ji tells her that he came to warn her and tells her that if her bahus keep fast for Kanhaiya then they will be his wives for 7 births and she will be their saas. Kunti is shocked and asks him to solve the matter. Pratap comes. Kunti says she was talking to Bhole. Pratap asks him to solve his problem. Kunti says he has given her shock and went.

Precap: Kanhaiya’s 5 wives plan to keep fast for him. Kunti says we shall stop them. Pratap asks can you be hungry. Pari says no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Too short and too much missed during update… Anyway this is the only show worth watching on star bharat.. as rest are just bakwas and boring

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