Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya scolds Khatru

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reporter telling in camera about the unique coconut miracle. Kunti and her bahus come thee to see the coconut miracle. They all dance and says baba ki jai. Meanwhile the men/thieves go inside the tent and fills up coconut to fool people. And thinks they can be easily be fooled and aims at the money which people gave for devotion. Panjiri tells that Didi have made a small list of fasting. Kunti asks then what is big. Prarthana tells the rules of fasting reading her big list. She reads about the dos’ and don’ts. Panjiri says only we can have fruit one a day. Prarthana says onion and lesan is not there. Sarla comes there and tells that milk is drinking by laddoo Gopal’s idol. She says we shall go to see coconut water as that idol is far away. Pari says laddoo gopal

drink milk. Kunti says we hall go and have darshan. Kunti says that coconut water was sugary. Prema says how can an idol drink water. Pratibha tells her muddy idol soaked milk and that’s why they are saying this. It is a blind faith. Kunti asks them not to talk much in Adhik Maas. Kanhaiya checks his shoes and calls kunti. He says all chappals are missing. He says Chauksi is coming early to shop as he is going to see miracle. Kunti says where is the slippers. Prarthana says she has hanged it there on the wall herself. Panjiri says Didi said that she kept it there. Kunti asks why? Prarthana tells that they shall not wear slippers in Adhik Maas and shall go barefeet. Kunti and Kanhaiya agree.

The thieves think to trap the devotes. They talk that they will present tomato as God and will give to They hear Kunti about to going to temple.They think to use Kunti to become rich. Kanhaiya scolds Kanhaiya and says I will cut your salary. Khatru asks why did you stand out? Kanhaiya scolds him for putting nails outside the shop and asks how I will walk on it, as he is barefeet. Khatru tells him that he got a message from someone and says it is written what shall be do and not to do in Adhik Maas. Kanhaiya asks have you gone mad? Khatru says Panjiri confirmed it. Kanhaiya says she must have mean some other way. He says let me come inside, then I will show you. He asks him to remove the nails. Khatru says that man went who got it done. Kanhaiya says he is going to thakur saheb. Khatru asks him to greet his men from his behalf. Thieves think what to do as Kunti left. They see her again talking to Sarla. Sarla asks her to come and says I am very hungry. I will have golgappa. Kunti says everyone is having nirjal vrat. Sarla asks are you sure and shows Pratap having golgappa. Kunti is shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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