Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Buddhi and others blackmail Chanchal

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap bringing free pakodas from bhagat halwai and says even sasumaa makes us eat a day’s old sabzi. He collides with Chanchal and the box falls down. Chanchal’s box also falls down. Their boxes get exchanged. Chanchal comes to her sister that she brought crackers for all of them. Shakti asks fom where did you get the money? Chanchal says piggy bank. Buddhi asks if she has stolen money from their piggy banks. Chanchal says I brought it for everyone of us and asks them to open the box and see happy Diwali. Shakti opens the box and says pakodas. Pratap comes to Kunti and says he has brought Diwali surprise for her. Chanchal says how did pakoda come in the box. She thinks box is changed. She comes to kunti and asks her to tell story. Buddhi and Shakti come there.

Chanchal asks Kunti to say. Kunti says lets see what your phupha brought for us. Pratap takes out firecracker and keeps on his lips. Kunti gets angry with him. Pratap swears on her that he had brought free pakodas and not crackers. Kunti scolds him. Shakti is about to tell, but Buddhi stops her. Chanchal takes them. Pratap swears on her and says he don’t have money to buy it. Kunti asks him not to accept his mistake and asks him to go to other locality and burn it, then return home after Diwali ends.

Chanchal thanks Buddhi for saving her and says I will not do chanchal attack on you for 2 mins. She says you are my real sister. Buddhi becomes mean and says you have to do all the work which we get from Dadi. She asks if she agrees. Everyone smile. Chanchal says you are blackmailing me. Surili threatens to tell Kunti. Dhairya says you have to do my work too. Chanchal says today is your day, but my day will come too. Pratap eats golgappa at khatru’s golgappa stall. Kanhaiya comes out of his shop and says this stall is to attract the customers. Pratap tells that sasumaa asked him to leave the house and says he is hungry and that’s why eating golgappa. Khatru says he has eaten many golgappa. Pratap asks Kanhaiya to tell Kunti that he didn’t lie to her and tells that he had taken free pakodas from halwai. Kanhaiya says I don’t want to interfere between you both. Shakti makes Chanchal polish her shoes. Chanchal says this is wrong. Buddhi brings clothes and asks Chanchal to wash it. Chanchal nods her head. Panjiri makes rangoli. Pratibha tells Panjiri that girls are ready to do any work and became independent. She says I was doubtful that if they are making their work. Chanchal tells that she will not leave them and tells that Surili made her bring water 7 times. She says she will take revenge from everyone. Kunti sees her working and thinks Chanchal is more responsible than others.

Kanhaiya shows saree to Customers and ask them to see. Pratap eats golgappa and asks where did he learnt? Khatru says he learnt from Sanju. Pratap eats more. Khatru says it is 75th golgappa. Customer girl tells her mum that they shall go and eat golgappa. They go out taking saree and come to golgappa stall to eat it. Khatru gives teekha golgappa. The girl shouts and says it is very spicy. Girl tells that she needs to eat sweets. Pratap takes them to bhagat halwai. Kanhaiya scolds him.

Kunti tells the girls that they have become obedient like Shri Ram and says they will get shagun today. Kunti gives 500 to Chanchal and gives 100 Rs to other girls. The girls get upset with Chanchal. Kunti says I have seen Chanchal helping you all in your work and that’s why she got 5 times more shagun. Chanchal says shubh hai. Prarthana asks them to fold their hands infront of God. Dhairya says the same. The girls come to the temple and look at Chanchal upset.

Pratap comes home and tells that he is innocent. Chanchal accepts to have brought crackers. Other girls also take the blame on them. Kunti says she will punish all of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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