Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kunti plans Pari’s muh dikhayi rasam again

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti asking Kanhaiya to hold the water in his hand and swear that he will not look at any other women except Pari. Prathana says if this happens then their relation will end. Kunti asks if he has any problem. Kanhaiya says yes. Prathana asks Shiv ji to do something. Kunti asks Kanhaiya to swear that Pari will only be in his life and he will not see any other women. Kanhaiya swears that he will only look at his wife whoever he has married, and will not look at stranger lady. Pratap appreciates him. Later he becomes vegetable vendor. Doctor comes there indisguise and tells that he can’t tell when the memory will be back. Pratibha says he is right and reads the book about amnesia and memory restoration. Kunti comes there and says today Pari is going to make some


Pratap calls her sasumaa. Pratibha diverts the topic. Kunti says she will ask Pari what to buy and goes. Pratibha says there is no treatment for this. Doctor says they shall give her shock. Kunti comes back to Pratap and asks him to give tinde. Pratap says it is not with him. Kunti goes to ask again. Doctor tells that they shall tell truth to Kunti so that she gets major shock and regains her memory. Kunti comes and buys potatoes and goes. Pratibha asks if he is sure that she will get the memory. Doctor says there are some chances. Kanhaiya says his mum is not a toy and he will wait for the memory to return, rather than telling her truth. Pratibha says yes.

Kunti sees many ladies slippers and calls Pari. Pari comes. Kunti asks whose chappal is this. She says it seems like I have 5 bahus. Pari says yes…Kanhaiya comes and says nahi…He says how can anyone have 5 bahus. Pari says nahi…She says chappal is hers. Kunti explains to her that human needs 4 clothes and 2 pairs of chappals. Pari asks if food is not essential. Kunti says she is giving example. Kanhaiya asks pari to make food. Pari goes.

Sarla comes there and says she came to meet Kunti. Kanhaiya says maiyya is sleeping and asks her to come later. Kunti opens the door and tells Sarla that she is about to call her. She takes Sarla to room and says why didn’t you come after bahu came. Sarla says she came so many times. Kunti says she wants to do her bahu’s muh dikhayi. Sarla says your bahu’s muh dikhayi is done. Kunti asks when? Sarla asks if 6th one came. Kanhaiya changes the words. He asks Kunti to bring sweets. Kunti goes. Kanhaiya tells Sarla that Kunti lost her memory. Sarla says it is shocking news and tells that she has to tell everyone about muh dikhayi. Kanhaiya thinks to tell truth to Kunti. Pari and others are sitting together. They wonder how they will help Pari during muh dikhayi while hiding from Kunti.

Pari tells Pratibha that Kunti threw Panjiri out of house again. Pratibha says she was never caught by Kunti. Just then Kunti comes and asks who are you? Pratibha gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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