Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti realizes she does not have super powers

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari asks Sarla if she is too eager to meet Kunti, she should also go to bhagwanji. Sarla nervously says she does not want to go and badmouth about Kunti that she would not leave even a bowl of sugar, forget her jewelry, she was so cunning and intelligent. Kunti walks in from temple. Sarla shouts bhooth. Pari says says mummy is a woman and can be bhootni. Kunti scolds her and makes her sit giving prasad and asks not to utter anything. She then gives prasad to Sarla. Pari plays recording. Kunti hears Sarla badmouthing about her and asks if this is what she was thinking about her. Sarla says she thought good also after having prasad laddoo and asks how can she hear what is in her mind. Kunti says Bholenath gave her boon to hear people’s mind. Sarala says she will return once her boon

is gone. Pari plays her recording next. Kunti thinks her bahus think so good about her, she was so bad thinking of making them fight. She will call them all and meet and confess. She huts Pari. Kanhaiya comes out and seeing recorder in Pari’s hand takes it. She asks Kanhaiya to call all bahus.

Kunti gathers all bahus and says she wants to confess them something, she can hear their mind. Recorder malfunctions and jumbles up all recording. Bahus start acting. Kunti asks them to speak properly. She runs around each bahu. Pratap does his jokergiri as usual badmouthing about Kunti. Kunti then finally finds recorder in Kanhaiya’s hand and takes it. They all gfetg tensed. Kunti says she knew about when Sarla also could hear her mind and she also saw recorder in Pari’s hand. They all apologize her. She says it is all her mistake, all her bahus are united and she wrongly tried to create rift between them, they all love her equally. Bahus rejoice. Pari says Prarthana can go for wedding with Kanhaiya. Prarthana says Pari will go. All 5 bahus start arguing they should go. Pari says stop, let us take arguing selfie first. They all laugh. Pratap comments Kunti got so good bahus, but he did not get good wife and saas. Kanhaiya warns him.

Kunti meets Sarla and scolds her for trying to create misunderstanding between her and her bahus and says if she can work a bit, football/Sarla will not fight with her bahu. She says they have to start alcohol free week program and has less time left, so she gave each task to each bahu. Pratibha comes running and huffing. Kunti asks if she is drunk. Pratibha says no, she created best slogans for alcohol-free week and starts. Sarla ends with her jokes. Kunti scolds her. Their drama continues. Pratibha gets afraid seeing someone wearing PK’s dress. Man turns, and it is Pratap.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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