Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: ‘Panjiri is alarmed seeing Kunti hissing like nagin

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti sees Kusum hissing like nagin in sleep and scolds her that she is better as crocodile and not nagin. She then sees bahus running behind Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya shouting to save him. Kunti asks why is lalla speaking like Damadji. Pratap removes Kanhaiya’s mask and reveals he is his lonely damad Pratap. Bahus says even sasuma thought it is Kanhaiya and say they will let Pratap disguise as Kanhaiya and catch nagin. Kunti says their idea is good. Pratap continues cries and asks to let Kunti disguise as Kanhaiya as their nose and face match. Kunti scolds him to shut up.

Pratap wearing Kanhaiya’s mask sits in living room crying and asks if snake will come here. Bahus says yes and Kunti asks where is Kanhaiya. Pratibha says she sent him via back door to shop. Pratap’s

drama and yelling at Kunti continues.

In shop, Kanhaiya is busy chatting with Prema when Khatru enters and says saab/officer came. Pratap overhears as saanp/snake and panics. Prema informs family that snake came at shop. All bahus and Kunti panic. Khatru says he means officers came. Kunti calls Kanhaiya who informs that officers came and not snake. Officers enter. Kanhaiya greets them and say he sells most of their company’s saris. Khatru says via his salesmanship. Kanhaiya serves then juice and snacks. They promise to recommend his name for a shop in a shopping mall. Kanhaiya asks Khatru to drop them till taxi. Khatru hears saanp and panics. Kanhaiya laughs next. Nagin looks at Kanhaiya and thinks she will kill him now.

At home, Kunti will all bahus searches nagin. Pratap’s jokergiri continues. Kunti asks bahus to switch on main switch, she is sweating. Pari crawls calling nagin and doing her jokeriri. Bahus discuss nagin can take anyone’s form, even disguise as family member. At shop, nagin locks door from inside and is about to bite Kanhaiya when she sees customers knocking door and stops. Kanhaiya turns and seeing customers get them in. Nagin stands as dummy model. At home, Kunti sips tea thinking it is cold by now. Tea is burning hot and shouts in pain, thinks Pratap must have done it and runs behind Pratap to beat himm. Kanhaiya’s jokergiri continues. Bahus sees Kunti huffing due to burning pain and think her as nagin in disguise.

At shohp, Kanhaiya sells saris to customers and gets money. Nagin continues to stand as dummy model. Women check her sari and asks Kanhaiya if he is selling even nagin saris. Kanhaiya looks at nagin and pancis.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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