Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Panjiri gets sad as Kunti rejects her

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya praising Panjiri’s cooked food and says even her two days old food is delicious and beggars stand in queue to get it. Pratap says we are coming from there. Kunti says it means she makes excessive food and rejects Panjiri. She tells Kanhaiya that Panjiri looks like his daughter and says she can’t get him married to short girl. She says even if Shiv ji comes and gives her such bahu, she will not accept. Pratap says she is my heart’s tukda. Kunti asks her to go. Panjiri asks where will I go and cries holding her feet. Prema says she is sad. Prathana cries and says my Bhooli is crying. Panjiri asks Kunti to accept her. Kunti asks kanhaiya to ask her to go and not to take it on heart. Panjiri cries and tells Kanhaiya that Kunti dislikes her. Prathana comes

and consoles her while Pratap and Kusum engage kunti in forced talk.

Kunti asks them to leave with their short daughter. Panjiri cries. Kunti says I will not select her as my bahu even if God comes. Kanhaiya tries to console her. Sarla comes and asks why Panjiri is crying. Panjiri says Kunti kicked her out. Pratap says they are acting for a role. Sarla says ok and says she wants some sugar. They try to stop her, but Sarla goes inside. Kunti is praying to Shiv ji and asks to give bahu. Sarla comes to her and says your bahu Panjiri is acting so well. Kunti says who? Panjiri comes inside with everyone. Kunti says she is Saroj. Sarla asks if Panjiri has taken up this role, what is other bahus’ roles and takes their names. Kunti faints and falls down. Kanhaiya asks Sarla to go and says he will give her sugar. Kusum says audience is not allowed. Kanhaiya asks Kunti to get up.

Panjiri cries and tells that Kunti haven’t accepted her. Prema says sasumaa fainted again, we shall take care of her. Pari says we can take care of her. Prathana says we shall be more careful if she loses her memory for forever. Prema asks when will Kunti gain consciousness. Pratap says you will get angry hearing my words. Pratap and Kusum are sitting at Kunti’s side. Prema and pari are standing there and come to see Kunti. Kanhaiya asks them to go and asks pratap to call doctor. Pratap says he will come and asks him to call him. Kanhaiya calls doctor. Kunti gains consciousness and asks Kanhaiya to be present at home in the evening. Kanhaiya thinks what will Kunti do now.

Kunti taunts Pratap and calls Kusum. She says since she came, everything is upside down, and says you are not letting my son married. She asks kanhaiya to get ready and says mishra ji will be coming.

Pratap and Kusum prepare to act like mishra ji and his wife. Meanwhile kunti goes to kitchen hoping mishra ji’s daughter have all the qualities which she wants. Something falls down and she gets flashes of Mishra ji rejecting the alliance.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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