Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya tensed with wives role reversal

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti calling Kanhaiya and asking him to come home. Pratap takes the call and tells him that Kunti’s cricket team wants to play football. Kanhaiya goes home. Prathana comes in Prema’s avatar and romances with Kanhaiya. He gets surprised seeing her. Panjiri comes in Pari’s avatar and takes selfie with him. She updates the status and says she knows the spelling. Prema comes in Prathana’s avatar and asks Kanhaiya to have Prasad. Kanhaiya says it is hot. Prathana continues to romance with him holding peacock feathers. Pari comes in Pratibha’s avatar and explains to him about Sound speed. Pratibha comes wearing clothes like Panjiri and asks him what he would like to have. Kanhaiya thinks so Maiyya was saying this, and thinks they were doing Mai’s Kai Po Che,

and thinks what happened to them. He calls her. Pratap says it is ok, if bahu wants to act like one another.

Kunti says this is not your drama company. She says what she will tell to Guddu bua. Kunti says she thought to show the qualities to her and is going. Pratap gives her medicine and asks her to eat it saying. Kanhaiya asks her not to take tension and make bahus understand. He comes to prathana and Panjiri and asks why they are taking up role reversal. Pari tells that man needs romance and beauty when young and likes puja path. Pratibha, Pari and Prema convince Kunti that they need to learn each other qualities. They tell that they will win if they can convince Bua that this is their real test. Pari practices maths with Pratap. Kunti gets worried. Kanhaiya asks him to open the door.

Guddu Bua and Phupha ji comes. Kanhaiya greets them. Kunti touches Bua’s feet. Bua says you are fine and don’t need blessings. Pari comes and says she has finished all book. Phupha ji faints. Bua scolds Kunti as her bahu talked in high volume. Pratap brings water and pours on his leg. Pari says he got fine. He faints again. Bua asks Kunti where are the five bahus. Kunti calls Panjiri and says she is…….Panjiri says beautiful. Pari comes and introduces herself as educated and understanding. Prema comes and says she is dharmik. Prathana comes and says bonjour. She touches them with peacock feathers. Pratibha comes and says she is a good cook. She gives water. Pratap asks her to take it. Bua says your bahus names are not matching with their qualities. Pratap says even Phupha ji’s name is mahaveer but he is not great.

Pratibha says she will bring tea and breakfast. Kunti asks Bua to freshen up first. Bua says ok . Later she asks Panjiri to give shampoo to her. Panjiri asks Pari to give shampoo. Pari takes her to room, but shampoo is near ending. She asks her to buy from the shop. Panjiri says she can make it and checks ingredients. She comes to the kitchen and makes Shampoo.

Kunti tells Kanhaiya that Bua is still taking bathing. Bua comes out from bathroom and they shout seeing her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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