Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Bahus continue to hide from Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap discussing ideas with the other four bahus to hide them from Kunti. He asks them to sit in the temple, if not garden. He gets a call and tells them that Rickshaw is waiting for them. He asks them to come in jailor’s style. Panjiri says we shall leave soon before Maa ji sees us. Kunti sees them and asks who are you both? And what is in the box. Prathana tells in pure hindi. Panjiri says Pulao. Pratap says not Pulao, but Polio. Kunti asks did they came to give you? Pratap says no. Kunti asks them to make Pratap have polio drops. Pari brings kheer. Kunti eats it and says she has waited for this kheer for 16 years. Pari says why did you wait and says you would have made it. Kunti says she waited to have kheer made by her bahu. Kunti tells her that this

quality of her overshadows her weak points. Panjiri gets happy. Kunti blesses Pari. Panjiri thanks her. Prathana and Panjiri get out of house. Kanhaiya comes and asks why they are going.

Panjiri tells that Pratap asked them to sit in garden. Kanhaiya says I have married you all and have responsibility. He takes them home. He asks Pratap why did you do this. He says their house is big and they can stay here. Pratap says we shall hide kunti. Prema asks him not to get sad. Kanhaiya says they have equal rights as of Pari and will stay here. Prathana says she feels proud seeing his feelings for his wives. Pratibha says we are proud of you. Pratap says lets play hide and seek game. Laundry guy comes. Prema comes and gives him clothes for washing and asks him not to shout when he comes there. Kunti comes and asks who are you. Laundry guy is about to say. Prema asks him to go. Kunti asks who are you and asks what is in the bag. Prema shows the washed clothes. Kunti says it is our clothes and says you came to steal it. She calls Kanhaiya, Pratap and others.

Pari asks Kunti to look up and signs Prema to go. Kanhaiya brings utensils and says she is bartan wali. Kunti says she has worn good clothes. Kanhaiya says she is bartan wali and that’s why wearing nice saree. Kunti bargains and gets all utensils. She asks Pari to take all the utensils and asks Prema to go out. Kanhaiya brings Prema back in house through kitchen door. He apologizes to her and says he felt good that she gave all utensils to Kunti. Prema says Pratap was right and they shall be outside in the day time. Kanhaiya says no and says if she is in problem then he also feels bad. He keeps hand on her shoulder comforting her. Kunti sees him with Prema and shouts. Kanhaiya says he was sympathizes with her as she has some problem. She accuses Prema for wooing Kanhaiya. Pari talks innocently. Kunti says she is innocent and tells Kanhaiya that she is with Pari and will not let anything wrong happen with her.

Kunti asks kanhaiya to swear holding water that he will not look at Prema or any other women except Pari. Kanhaiya is shocked and don’t know what to do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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