Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Prarthana is possessed by Dada ji’s spirit

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana asking Kunti who are these ladies. Pratap says they are your bahus. Kunti says they are bahus of the neighbors. Prarthana asks them to go and tells that if your saas see them then will ask them to massage her feet. She asks who is this man? Kunti says he is a bad actor of the locality. Prarthana is possessed by Dada ji and asks them to go. Kunti, Kanhaiya and bahus are shocked to see Prarthana singing song which Dada ji used to sing. Kunti says she will ask him about her ancestral necklace. Panjiri cries. Prema asks Panjiri not to worry. Panjiri says leave me Didi, come to me. Pratibha says I thought it as blind faith, but it is truth. She says it seems he forgot about warm water. Kunti says he will shout at letter P. Prarthana stops singing and asks where

is my chappal. Pari says we shall tell that we don’t have chappal. Prarthana says someone will bring my chappal else I will take sanyas. Kunti says I will bring chappal. Pari says I will go and talk to him. She goes. Kunti asks her to stop and says you will be beaten up. Pari goes to Prarthana and says dada ji Namaste.

Prarthana asks why you are still here and asks her to keep her chappal which is in her hand. There is no chappal in Pari’s hand. She pretends to keep the chappal. Prarthana acts to wear it. Kanhaiya gets Khatru’s call and goes. Kunti says it is a wonder, he is wearing invisible chappal. Prarthana asks for Safa. Kunti says from where to bring it. Pratap goes and greets him. Prarthana says you are still here and asks him to go. Pratap says I brought your Safa and shows his hand. Prarthana scolds him for lying and says I will beat you with stick. She acts to get the stick and beats him. Pratap is still standing straight. Prarthana asks are you human. Pratap acts to cry. Prarthana makes him leave. Prarthana talks in her usual pure hindi and asks Kunti why is she upset. Panjiri gets happy and hugs her.

Khatru cries and tells Kanhaiya that he took saree for Reshma on her birthday and she had beaten me badly. He reads the comical poetry and says he got it written by a poet and he wrote his girlfriend’s name, so he got beaten by Reshma. Kanhaiya asks him to go and see Sarees. Panjiri is happy and says my Didi is back. She takes off evil eye from her. Prarthana asks why your behavior is strange. Panjiri tells her that Dada ji’s soul entered her. Kunti tells that his soul entered you, but went. Kunti says babu ji haven’t told about the necklace. Kusum says you have done mistake in puja. Kunti says I don’t do mistakes. Kusum says pratap is your mistake. Kunti says you are suitable for him. Prarthana calls her Kunti as Dada ji enters her. She says it is enough of your talks.

Pratibha gets possessed by Kanhaiya’s dadi and she asks Kunti to tell where is her ancestral necklace. Kunti faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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