Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti tries to provoke kanhaiya against bahus

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kusum tells Kunti that Kanhaiya bhai will try to reunite bahus. Kunti says lalla will do whatever she says. Pratap in don Ajit’s style asks why will Kanhaiya do so. Kunti says Panchal family’s men always obey their mothers and even Kanhaiya’s fathered used to listen to his mother, so she had to listen to her mother-in-law/saas. Kanhaiya walks in calling maiya/Kunti and showing a sari asks how is it. Kunti tries on her and says it is very beautiful and will look more beautiful with matching jewelry. Kanhaiya says what is the use, all 5 wives are fighting, he does not know whose side to take. Kunti asks to take her side and says she saw same dream of whole family going on a trip and their bus falling into water, she wants to know whom he will save if that happens. He asks

why she sees this weird dreams. Pratap suggests to save bahus and not Buzurg Mona Darling/Kunti. Pratap says he will take maiya’s side obviously. Kunti says obviously her lalla will follow his father whole life and obey his mother. He asks how will this saari look. Kunti says she can see in the morning when all her bahus wear same saris and takes that sari from Kunti. Kunti stands shocked and disappointed. Pratap smirks at her. Kanhaiya says he got same sari for 2 bahus as they liked it and 3 same for other 3 bahus, hope they like it. Once he leaves, Kusum taunts Kunti that her lalla is taking bahus’ side. Kanhaiya returns and says he brought something to Maiya. Kunti excitedly asks what is it. He says temple’s prasad and says she told she has matching jewelry and should give it to her bahus if they ask. Kunti sits disappointed. Kusum and Pratap taunt that Kanhaiya obeys his wives and not maiyaa.

Sarla comes to meet Kunti and badmouths about her bahu that her bahu is controlling her whole house and even her son, earlier she used to ask her to do household chores politely and now directly orders. She taunts Kunti has 5 bahus and her situation will be more worse. Kunti says her bahus obey her always. She calls Panjiiri and asks what she is preparing today. Panjiri says whatever maaji orders. Kunti asks to prepare masoor daaal. Panjiri describes 5 different tadkas and asks which one. Kunti asks to prepare all 5. Pratibha then walks in and gives Kunti’s favorite pain palm. Prarthana walks next and prays for Kunti. Prema then walks in and gives her new sari. Pari then walks in and asks if they need anything. Kunti says no need. Sarla asks to bring water. Pari brings water full of glass with half spilt on tray and says she could get only 1 glass, now Maaji will drink from glass and Sarla aunty from tray as maaji says Sarla can dip biscuit in tea spilled in tray and eat it. Sarla feels angry. Kunti makes weird faces and asks Paari to go now.

Kanhaiya is in shop when Pari takes him lunch and says Laila brought lunch for her majnu. Pratibha walks in next and says Shirin brought food for her Farhan Akhtar. Prema says it is Farhaath. Pratibha fights and days whatever it is. Pratibha and Panjiri also bring lunch. Pari also brings food. Kanti stands shocked. Pari opens empty box and says maaji ordered to take tiffin and did not say to carry food. All 4 fight finding fault in each other’s food. Kanhaiya sits tensed.

Kanhaiya then returns home tensed. Kunti asks if he is fine. He says he is having headache. Kunti asks bahus to bring hot salt water. All 5 bring water buckets and their fight start again. Kanhaiya says he does not know what to do now.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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