Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Panjiri believes Kanhaiya is turned into Coconut

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 28th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Panjiri shouting and calling everyone. She tells Kunti and others that Naagin was on Kanhaiya ji.. Pratap plays the flute. Snake crawls out. Kunti says my son is gone seeing white thing in his ears. Pratibha says it is cotton. They wake up kanhaiya. Panjiri tells that Icchadhari Naagin was on our body. Kanhaiya says it is rainy so snake must have come out. Pratibha says it is right. Icchadhari naagin appear in human form. Kunti asks Kanhaiya not to go out until that Naagin is caught. Kanhaiya says he has to go. Kunti refuses to let him go. Kunti tells Mama about the Naagin. Mama says let him have food first. Kanhaiya thinks it is 10 am and thinks he has to go. Panjiri says you are not going to shop you. Kanhaiya says I am going to bath. Pratibha says she brought suraksha

locket for him and asks him to wear it. Kanhaiya says I will wear and thinks to leave before Mama sees him. He thinks to go from window. Snake crawls and sits near the coconut. He gets a call. Mama asks kunti if Naagin has eyes. Kunti says it have three eyes. Mama asks if it went by window. Kanhaiya calls khatru and asks him to buy sweets. He thinks he has to wear tie. Mama tells about weird plan.

Prema says Naagin is in Meerut. Panjiri says now Didi’s suraksha locket will protect him. Mama ji says if she blows on it then. Panjiri tells story and says Naagin made a human as coconut, Kanhaiya wears snake as his tie and thinks there is no icchadhari naagin. Naagin looks at Shiv ji’s locket. Mama ji asks Kunti to keep an eye on Kanhaiya and says Naagin can make him coconut. Kanhaiya is riding on his bike and stops. When two men see snake around his neck, get scared and runs. Kanhaiya thinks if I am not looking good, people on the road get afraid. Pratibha, Panjiri and Prema call Kanhaiya. Pratibha says I will try. Kanhaiya’s scooter doesn’t start. He thinks what happened to everyone. Panjiri goes to his room and calls him. She sees tie and coconut on bed, shouts. She tells them that Naagin made him coconut. Pratibha doesn’t believe her. Prema and Panjiri cry.

Panjiri cries and tells other wives that Naagin made him coconut. Pratibha says if someone comes to know that they will laugh on you. Panjiri says he is your husband also and asks him to worry. Kanhaiya asks a man to move the cycle. Man sees snake and runs. Prema says how will I stitch the button. Prarthana asks them not to tell Kunti as she can’t bear. Panjiri says Maiyya’s lalla have become coconut. Pratibha scolds them for their foolishness. She picks the coconut and plays with it. Panjiri says his waist will get hurt. Pratibha throws coconut in air. Everyone looks on shocked.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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