Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: After Panjiri and Pratibha, Kunti Targets Prarthana andPrema

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratibha tastes Panjiri”s prepared daal and says it has lots of salt. Kunti asks how can she insult Panjiri like this, she prepares best food. Pratibha tastes daal again and says this is the worst’s daal Pratibha prepared till now and walks out says she always tells truth. Kunti provokes Panjiri again and asks Kusum to taste daal again. Kusum tastes and says it is very tasty. Kunti says how can Pratibha insult Panjiri so much. Panjiri fumes. Pratap in don Ajit’s style says let us go out and decide in fresh air.

They all walk out. Pratibha continues her adamancy. Panjiri argues. Prema walks in and taunts Pratibha in French, as if she says truth always. Pratibha says Pratibha means truth and takes oath that daal was really bad. Prarthana walks in and takes Panjiri’s side. Pratap says Buzurg Mona Darling/Kunti will taste and tell now. Kunti asks Kusum which daal bowl has excess salt. Kusum says their bowl. Panjiri gives 1 bowl. Kunti tastes it and makes weird face feeling excess salt. Pratap murmurs in her ears to act as daaal is very tasty. She acts. Pratap asks Pratibha and Prema to taste now, sitting next to Kunti. Prarthana tastes and says it is awsome. Pratap says Kunti will finish whole bowl today. Kunti finishes whole bowl and acts. Prema tastes next and says it is very tasty. Panjiri says she made dall especially for Pratibhaa, but she insulted her. They all allege Pratibha and leave. Kunti jumps that she won her battle and says now it is time to provoke Prema and Prarthana.

Prerna and Prarthana’s fight start. Kunti and her team get happy seeing that. Pratap’s jokergiri continues and he as usual badmouth about Kunti. Kunti feels happy seeing her bahus fight and cuts Pratibha and Panjiri’s link.

Family then sits for dinner. Prema and Prathana fight to serve water to Kanhaiya and drop water on him. Their drama and fights continue. Kunti feels happy. Kusum praises that she is a queen of this house and her words are final in this house. Pratap as usual Badmouths Kunti. Kusum says now let us see whose side Kanhaiya bhaiya will take. Kunti says Panchal family men listen to their their mothers and Kanhaiya will listen to her.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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