Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Naagin Enters Kanhaiya’s House Disguised as Sales Girl Naina

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanhaiya’s wives get afraid seeing Kusum and says they heard nagin can disguise as anyone. Kusum says it is her and asks Pari’s hair roller as she has party at her friend’s house. Pari says she will get roller and even biscuits for herself. Nagin walks in disguised as sales girl. Pari sees her and asks who is she. Nagin says she is Nag…means Naina. Pari says why did she came h ere. Nagin says she brought soap. Pari says why she is giving her soap. Nagin this this woman seems brainless and says she is sales girl and selling soap. Pari says she means she wants to take bath here. Nagin says she needs water. Pari says water is in bathroom. Panjiri comes and asks who is she. Nagin says she is salesgirl and needs water. Panjiri goes to bring water. Nainna sees

Kanhaiya’s photo and angrily flutters her tongue. Panjiri goes to kitchen to get water. Prema asks if icchadhari nagin can disguise as anyone. Panjiri says yes. Panjiri walks back to living room and sees nagin on sofa. She panics and runs back panicked and after a bit drama informs other bahus that nagin came into their house. They all panic.

In Kanhaiya’s shop, Khatru shows sari to customer while Kanhaiya leans on his stomach and tries to drink milk. Chaurasiya mama calls Khatru and asks him to take milk from customers instead of money. Khatru asks customer to bring milk packets instead. Kanhaiya scolds he will incur losses. Khatru reminds about naagin’s wrath. Kanhaiya brings milk and takes sari.

At home, Panjiri takes all bahus to living room and shows sofa. They all afraidly looks at sofa and see salesgirl Naina instead. Naina asks if she brought water. Panjiri shouts she is nagin. Bahus says she is not. Nagin Naina says she does not need her water and walks out hissing at Panjiri. Panjiri gets more afraid.

At night, Kanhaiya return home on cart and says Kunti Maiya mai aagaya/mom I came. Kunti shouts wo agaya…wo..agaya… Kanhaiyaa asks to call him pilla instead as his tongue is fluttering like snake after drinking milk whole day. Their drama continues. Panjiri says she will serve him food. He says he does not need it as his tummy is full with milk.

Kanhiya goes to sleep on his bed after opening window. Panjiri brings milk for him and seeing him asleep, keeps milk glass and goes. Nagin goes and sits on his chest. Panjiri returns to get tray and is shocked seeing nagin on Kanhaiya’s chest.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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