Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets best birthday gift

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 27th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya asking Kusum if she told about the surprise. Kusum says no. Kunti says she is not a kid and have understood that he is sending her to old age home. Kanhaiya says we are not sending you, but is just taking you. Pari says we will take you and bring you back. Pratibha and Prema tell that they have kept birthday party for her there and will bring her back. Kanhaiya says we just wanted to surprise you and that’s why ignoring you. Kusum says I thought you know else I would have told you. Kanhaiya asks how can you think Maiyya that your lalla. Kunti asks if he loves her even now. Kanhaiya is emotional and says yes. Prema says we told about the surprise. Kanhaiya says Maiyya didn’t know about gift now. They take her out. Kunti looks at big car and gets happy.

Kanhaiya asks how can you think that I will send you to old age home. Pratap says I can send you, but not your son.

Kunti apologizes to Kanhaiya and her bahus. Kanhaiya says we all love you. Pari asks them to say surprise. Kunti asks what is the surprise left. Pari says we thought to say this. Prarthana says Maa ji came to know about the surprise. Pari asks when? Panjiri says now. Pari acts kunti to act as surprised. Sarla comes there and says you are laughing after hurting your mum and says I can’t see Kunti going and says bye from here. Kanhaiya says you have to come. Pratap says next number is yours. Kanhaiya asks Pratap to open decky. Kunti asks Kanhaiya to leave Sarla and says I am laughing at my thinking. She says we thought Lalla wrong, he was taking me to celebrate my birthday. Sarla says I told you that your Lalla is good.

Mr. Chaturvedi ji comes there and asks to take sweets. Kunti asks if he is selling sweets now. Chaturvedi tells that he is giving it, and says today kamal is taking him back home. Kunti asks how did this happen? Kamal says Kanhaiya made him understand that parents are equivalent to God. Chaturvedi ji says your bahus made my bahu understand. They all get happy. Kunti feels proud of Kanhaiya and her bahus. Kunti asks Chaturvedi, Kamal, and Sarla to come. Kunti again feels suffocated and asks Kanhaiya to stop the car. Pratap calls old age home and asks them to have food and says we can’t come. Kanhaiya says we couldn’t celebrate Maiyya’s birthday. Kunti says heart shall be big. Panjiri says didi made the cake. Kunti cuts the cake. Pratap wishes for her long life. Pari takes selfie.

Later Sarla hears kunti shouting at Pari. She asks why you are angry. Kunti says she lost something. Pari comes and gives mobile cover. Kunti asks her to search 50000 Rs. Sarla says 50000 Rs. and asks if she hidden black money at home. Kunti says it is white money of honesty. Sarla asks her to tell everything. Kunti says Kanhaiya gave her 50000 Rs. and Pari kept it somewhere and forgot. Pari says once mummy ji gave me 5 Rs. and I forgot. Kunti says it was 50 Rs. She asks Pari to go and search it. Sarla asks her to give her necklace and says I will make my neighbor jealous. Kunti says I am your neighbor. Sarla says mayka neighbor. Kunti asks her to come in evening and says she will give her necklace. Kanhaiya tells Kunti that if they don’t get the money then the order will be cancelled. Pratap comes and says I couldn’t get 50000 Rs, but got her 5th class report. He says she got 2 marks in Maths etc. Pari says same pinch. Kusum asks Kunti to check Pratap. Pratap says he steals almonds, cashews but not money. Kanhaiya gets call and says you will get money by evening. Kunti thinks what to do?

Kunti decides to call her ancestor and enquire about the money. They call her father in law’s soul.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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