Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Satyaprakash supports Shukla, Kanhaiya’s hatred for Bhang

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya getting angry on Pratap. Pratap says I told about Bhang in glass and not about filling someone’s maang. Kanhaiya sits down. Pratap asks Kusum to check if his heart is beating. Kusum checks. Kunti says Satyaprakash will say truth. Pratibha says when he is so truthful then he will tell truth. Kanhaiya says Satyaprakash will lie as he is burdened by Shukla’s favors, he worked with him for 5 years and his sister’s marriage was fixed because of Shukla. He says this time our Diwala will happen and says 1.5 lakhs will go.

Kunti sees Sadhu Baba and tells about Kanhaiya’s money is stuck with Shukla. She says I and my 5 bahus are worried for him. Pandit says small things will be solved and asks her to worry for big thing, and says she will come,

your 6th bahu. Kunti thinks he is saying just like that.

Kanhaiya is going to shop. Kunti and her bahus tell that they will come to shop. Kanhaiya says you don’t need to come. Prema and others insists, but kanhaiya politely refuse him. Kunti is worried for Satyaprakash’s statement and worry for Kanhaiya. Panjiri says you might have thought to fulfill mannat and tells that even she will do. Same sadhu baba comes there. Panjiri and Prarthana greets him. Prarthana asks him to accept 55 Rs on behalf of 5 bahus. Sadhu baba asks him to give 66 Rs and says you are 6. Prarthana says we are just 5 bahus. Sadhu baba says you both are unaware of it. Panjiri asks Prarthana not to worry and says he might be saying it under the influence of Bhang. Sadhu baba tells that maang was filled due to bhang. Prarthana gets shocked.

Saree association people wait for Satyaprakash. Satyaprakash comes there and greets shukla. Saree association woman asks Satya prakash to tell if Shukla gave money to him. Pari tells Kunti that her weight might have decreased. Panjiri asks Prarthana to have milk with raisins and almonds. Kunti says even we are hungry. She asks Pari to call Kanhaiya and asks him. Pratibha asks her to call Khatru. Pari calls khatru. Khatru asks whose phone is ringing. Pratap says it is yours only. Khatru picks the call. Kunti asks what happened?

Khatru says Satyaprakash touched Shukla’s feet like I used to touch yours. Pratibha asks him to go there and keep the phone on. Satyaprakash tells that when he went to Shukla, Shukla asked him to count the money 1 lakhs. Then they went to bank and get 50 thousand, they come to Kanhaiya and gave money to him. Kanhaiya says Satya prakash is lying. Shukla asks Kanhaiya if he is under the bhang influence. Kanhaiya gets angry and asked them to leave. Saree association people ask kanhaiya to calm down. Shukla asks if he has done any thing. Kanhaiya looks on. Prema and Pratibha asks Kunti why Kanhaiya is getting angry hearing about bhang. Kunti says she doesn’t know, and tells that few years back, he went to his Tawu ji’s place and have holi there, since then he gets bad dreams.

Kanhaiya falls near Sadhu and apologizes. Sadhu baba tells him that someone is coming who will change his destiny.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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