Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: The tooth fairy story turn true for Kanhaiya

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Girls finding small toy elephant. Kunti says tooth fairy has kept small elephant and smiles. Kanhaiya comes and asks if they saw his tooth and letter. Prema says may be tooth fairy came here. Khatru calls Kanhaiya and tells that they didn’t get the tender. Kanhaiya asks him to end the call and informs his wives. Kanhaiya says I can handle myself, but don’t know what is Maiyya’s plan. Kunti tells the girls that tooth fairy gave them the elephant according to their wish. Chanchal picks the letter. Kunti reads the letter that she is giving them elephant according to their wish. Kunti says dant pari is right. Dhairya says what about our condition to take us to school. Kunti says something else is written also, and tells that whenever you go to school, you keep this

elephant under the seat. The girls get happy and says tooth fairy gave us elephant according to our wish. They think to play and have fun.

Pratibha tells kanhaiya that Kunti convinced the kids and they are happy. Kanhaiya thinks maiyya saved them. Khatru calls again and tells that they got the tender. Kanhaiya says shubh hai…and gets happy. The girls are happy. Prema and others are happy. Kanhaiya thanks toothfairy. Girls also thanks her.

Later Panjiri tells that she made Laddo and asks her to taste it. Prarthana says mahurat is not today and says she has decided to check the mahurat before doing anything. Panjiri says if you have this laddo next Tuesday then it will be too late. Shakti checks the speaker and says I will make it more bigger. Surili asks Shakti who will save her next time. Shakti says she is doing this for new year party and shares her plan to make speaker on the utensil. Dhairya and Chanchal see Panjiri making laddoo. Panjiri says how we will eat it on new year. Prarthana says if you close the box while moving your pallu on the box then we can eat on new year day. Panjiri does as she says and thinks to keep it on the shelves. Prarthana says now kids can’t reach laddoo. Chanchal tells Shakti about Laddoo. She says rasoi mummy made laddoos and kept on the shelve. Chanchal says it is Chanchal attack now. Buddhi talks to Pari via video call and says she is missing home and her. Pari shows her house and says it is asking you to come. The girls come to kitchen to take the box. Dhairya says she will have laddoo. Chanchal asks her to keep eye on the door. Dhairya asks them not to cheat and goes to stand at the door. Pari shows table, sofa door to Buddhi. She says now I will show you kitchen. Buddhi says it is not needed. Pari says if you forget home in Manali. She says no. The girls take the box out holding the stick. Pari asks Buddhi to check the kitchen. Buddhi sees her sisters on video call and asks Pari to show her room. Pari says ok.

Panjiri says she bargains now and gets the vegetable in half price. Buddhi talks to her sisters and shows that she is having ice laddoo outside her house. She shows snowfall in Manali. They wish they would have spend new year with her. buddhi asks them to come there and convince French wali mummy. All get happy.

Shakti tells Kunti that they want to go to Manali and asks her to eat laddo. Kunti permits them to go. They give her laddoo. Kunti bites it and shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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