Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Family celebrates Diwali

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode start with pratap sitting on chair with bomb. Pratap say to kunti that he will never gamble again and shout for help. Banwari start counting 10, 9, 8, Kunti say 7, Kanhiya say 6, 5 and ask everyone to leave same said by pratap. And pratap count further 4, kusum who will make tea in night for you, 3 save me saasu maa, 2 and 1 and kunti and kanhiya shout boom and all laugh.. and then finally kanhiya reveal that it was prathna plan so that pratap leave gambling. Panjiri say banwari is prathna’s cousin and mine too in her language (didi ka bhai hai to samjgo mera bhi bhai hai).

Pandit ji ask others about family members and they arrive. Kusum hug kunti and ask pratap to change clothes. Pari ask pratap to wear saree as he look cute and tease him. Kanhiya sit on pooja and pratap

ask pandit ji to leave as now all will fight to sit on pooja. But kanhiya ask all to sit as all are laxmi of kunti niwas. And they celebrate diwali. And kunti take selfie.

Parvatiji and Shiv ji talk about kunti and her bahu and boon or curse type things and praises bahus.

Next day pratap act as doctor and tell pari that kusum may die and she listen to them and scold pratap. Pari say her funny line (accha hua nannad ji is fine varna main status update kr deti, nanad ji kuch din ki mehman hai, going up). Kunti come and scold pari for not watering gulab plants. Pari say that my internet was not working and I didn’t updated status that I am making gulab jal (putting water in gulab- keh rehi hun main). Kunti say if your work will not happen, you shall not do my work either? Pari say maine gulab me pani dala nahi but panjiri say kaha tha.

Kunti shout and ask all bahu one by one, how my gulab plant died? Pari show action of die and say like this. Kunti scold her saying not to do so in someone death place. And ask pari, about gulab?
Pari say I ask panjiri again. Panjiri say I was making gulab jamun so I asked prema. Prema say that i went and than I remembered love shayri and called kanhiya with full on shy, so I asked pratibha. Pratibha say to kunti that i was reading botney book, so that I know how much water I need to give to gulab plant so I asked prathna. Prathna arrive and speak that I thought so but kalash was empty so I asked pari again (all tranleted by panjiri using keh rehi hai didi and yeh keh rehi hun main). Kunti get frustrated and say laut ke bhudu ghar ko aaye, pari jokes kab?? Kunti shout and due to sudden fear, oil lamp fall from prathana plate and she scold that now clean it.

Precap- Kunti think that even after having 5 DIL, I need to work and she slip on oil and doctor check her. She ask kanhiya that why he look 17-18 year old and ask him about his father and ask him to go to school after wearing uniform.

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  1. Hi Shraddha, I sometimes find it hard to read ur updates for other serials but I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one today, felt as if am watching Pari saying her “kaab” thanks for the fast update
    What a hilarious episode! Keh rehi hoon mein


      Thanks for liking and vaise bhi kehte pratice make men perfect and i am trying to do that… Even I like keh rehi hun main and kaab and any line with nahi… Make show more more funny ???????

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