Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: : A sage warns Kanhaiya that Nagin Will Hunt Him Down

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari starts her jokergiri, mixes book papers in juice and thinks she will get knowledge via it. Kunti passes by and asks what is she doing. Prarthana and Pinjiri also ask same. Pari says she is drinking knowledge, showing book named knowledge and says Kunti told she has to grind knowledge and drink it. Kunti says it is a proverb and asks Panjiri to arrange milk soon as Shivam Narayan baba is coming from Himalaya with icchadhari naag-nagin, she will get blessings for Kanhaiya. Pari dances. Kunti scolds him and asks to get ready as Shivam Narayan baba must be coming. Pratap disguised as Shivam Narayan baba walks in playing snake flute. Kunti greets him in. He walks in with his jokergiri aand plays flute around Kusum and Kunti, asks Kusum to dance. Kunti says Kusum makes her lazy husband

dance and asks bahus to touch baba’s feet. Baba asks to get rasmalai for her nagin. Kunti asks to show ichadhaari nag-nagin first, she will feed him kheer and milk. Pratap says not now, his nag is pressing nagin’s feet like Kusum does to her husband. Kusum asks how does he know. Kunti says baba knows everything and asks to show sleeping nag-nagin itself. Pari insists and pulls out snake box. Plastic snake falls down. Pratap says they woke up nagin. Pari sees Kunti’s photo on snake and tells snake’s face is like sasuma. Pratap says they are twins. Kunti pulls Pratap’s beard and scolds him. Pratap’s jokergiri continues.

Sarla informs Kunti that Shivam Narayan baba has come. Kunti asks bahus to call lalla. Kusum says she is going to watch savdhvan Inda’s baba episode. Whole family walks out and sees Shivam Narayan baba playing flute in front of snake. He says this is ichadhari nagin from Himalayas, they should serve her with milk. Kunti sees Sarla holding diluted milk and says she brought pure milk though. Baba asks to fill milk in pot, nagin will drink it later. Kanhiaya drops milk in pot and falls down on another snake box. Everyone say they heard some sound. Kanhaiya says maybe some kid’s toy. Baba sees nagin fuming in anger and shouts Kanhaiya did a big sin and showing dead nag says he killed nagin’s husband, now nagin will kill him and everyone around, so they should hide their face before nagin clicks their pics in her eyes. Pari asks if nagin will also click selfie. Baba scolds her. Pratap asks if it is like in films. Baba says yes and asks to hide their faces soon. Everyone hide their faces except Pratap. Kunti and others asks to hide his face and Baba warns he will pay big for his sin as naagin saw his face. Inspector comes and arrests him. Baba leaves shouting icchadhari nagin will not spare fool Kanhaiya. Nagin escapes. Baba says nagin will return within 9 days to take revenge. Nagin disguised as woman looks at Kanhaiya from a distance.

Back home, Pratibha tells it is all bullshit. Prarthana and Panjiri says it is true. Kanhaiya says it happens only in films. Pratap starts jokergiri and asks him and Kunti to go far away. Panjiri says her friend Tillu also die with ichadhari nagin’s bite, they have to be very careful. Nagin looks at them from a distance.

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