Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya’s surprise turns shocking for Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum asks Panjiri to tell the truth else she will throw masala in the box. Panjiri says the shop in which it is sold is closed. Kusum puts the masalas. Kusum says your achhar. Panjiri says it is special achhar for Maa ji. Kusum threatens to throw it. Prarthana asks her to stop it. Kusum asks her to stop it. Panjiri says didi is asking her to stop 3rd degree. Kusum says she will throw the achhar else. Panjiri says I will tell. Kusum says everyone came on line now. She asks what is the conspiracy. Panjiri says they want to surprise Kunti on birthday. Prarthana says Kanhaiya wants to gift big car to Kunti on her birthday. Panjiri says if Maa ji talks about her birthday, we ignore the conversation. Kusum says why didn’t you tell me. Panjiri says Kanhaiya stopped us

and tells that you can’t digest anything. Kusum gets angry with Kanhaiya. Panjiri asks her to give promise. Kusum says Maiyya is very upset. Panjiri says it is good to have sweets after bitter medicine. Kusum promises not to tell Kunti. Pari says we shall take selfie and tags it with status.

Kunti thinks it seems my future is in darkness. Sarla comes there. Kunti says it seems my life will be dark. Sarla asks did you make Kanhaiya remember about your birthday. Kunti says it seems my old age ticket is taken. Sarla asks her to scold Kanhaiya on call. Kunti asks really? Sarla says you have right to call and scold him. Kunti calls him. Kanhaiya rejects the call thinking she will again remind him of birthday. Kunti says Lalla rejected my call once. Sarla says he must be busy and then gets worried. She scares her and says now I am scared, after you, may be it is my turn to go to old age home. Kunti gets upset.

Kanhaiya comes home and talks to Chaturvedi uncle. He says whatever Kamal did with you is very sad. Chaturevedi says everyone is not like you. Kanhaiya shares his plan with him and says we will invite the old age home people and will give gift. Chaturvedi says I will talk to Manager. Sarla comes there. Kanhaiya asks Chaturvedi not to tell kunti.. Kanhaiya says they are trying to surprise Kunti. Chaturvedi gets teary eyes. Sarla comes to Kunti and tells Kanhaiya is talking to Chaturvedi ji and asks her to come out. Kanhaiya says I will twist Kamal’s ears. Chaturvedi uncle says what you can do when he don’t want to stay with me. Sarla and Kunti come out. Kanhaiya asks how is the rooms? Chaturvedi says it is good like house. Kanhaiya says it is good and asks him to talk to manager. Chaturvedi says I will do this for Kunti and goes. Kanhaiya gets happy and goes. He informs his wives. Pratibha says it is good news.

Pratap says sasumaa will not listen. Pratibha says we will celebrate her birthday in the garden of old age home. Pari says we will pluck fruits and have it. Kanhaiya says there are no fruits in garden. Kusum comes there. Kanhaiya is silent. Pratibha says kusum is in their team now. Kusum says I can’t believe, but I am with you all. Pratap jokes. He tells that the car couldn’t be reached to the garden. Pari gives her idea. Pratibha says wah. Pratap says we will use your idea next year. Kunti asks Chaturvedi what Kanhaiya was asking. Chaturvedi says he was asking casually. Kunti folds her hands and asks him to tell. Chaturvedi tells her that Kanhaiya is taking you to old age home on your birthday and asks her not to ask more. Kunti and Sarla are shocked. Sarla asks Kunti not to cry. Kunti cries.

Sarla asks Kanhaiya how he can send Kunti to old age home. Kanhaiya says bahus will enjoy and Maiyya will get home like feeling there. Kunti gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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