Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pratap gets kidnapped by Banwari Lal’s goons

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti telling that she is fed up of Pratap’s doings. She sees drum and asks how come this drum is here. Pari says she saw it coming inside. Kunti asks her to use mind sometimes. Pari says she has take selfie and shows it. They all see legs and understand pratap is inside. Kanhaiya asks everyone to go. Pratap comes out of drum and sees Kunti. He asks her to save him from Banwari. Kunti asks him to stop his drama and says I will not give even a single penny then only you will get some intelligence. Pratap tells kanhaiya that Banwari made him do so much work and asks him to closes door and windows and says he can kidnap him. Kanhaiya laughs. Pratap shows his hand and says his lines are cleared washing Banwari’s wife clothes. He asks him to give the money to Banwari.

Pari shouts as her face blackens. Kunti and Kanhaiya come there. Panjiri says she gave work to Pari, but she couldn’t do well. Meanwhile Kunti’s leg gets stuck in the pot and she shouts in pain.

Kanhaiya tries hard to take her leg out. Kunti cries. Pratap asks if this is your ancestral kalsi. Kunti nods yes. Pratap says we have to cut the leg. Kunti says this is my leg, not the kite. Pratap asks what you will do with two legs. Panjiri says she will put oil in kalsi to free her leg. They try to get her leg out. Pari tries to take selfie and tells that there is a ghost in the selfie. Pratap asks her to wash face. Pari says she will update the status that sasumaa’s leg heavy. Kanhaiya asks Pratap to bring wood from outside. Pratap sees the door open and is about to close it. Banwari Lal goons kidnap and take him.

Pari sees them taking pratap and says I will not tell anyone that you are going to play hockey. She asks them to give hockey to Pratap. Kunti finds hard to walk. Prathana says Maiyya..pot is stuck in your leg. Panjiri translates and says on Diwali. Kanhaiya asks where is Pratap? Pratibha says she called 4 doctors and tells that no doctor is free. Prema asks her not to take tension and says we will call carpenter and get the kalsi cut. Kunti refuses to get the kalsi cut. Kusum says there is no other way. Pari comes and says she has a good idea. She asks her to wear kalsi in her other leg too so that she can walk properly. She says it will be like fashion. Kunti scolds her. Kanhaiya says Pratap is taking so much time.

Pari says he went to play and says some men came and tied him to the scooter and took him. Prathana tells Kunti that Sarla kaki called Kunti on her phone. Kunti picks the call. Sarla asks how is your leg? Kunti asks how do you know? Sarla says Pari uploaded your pic on social networking site. Pari says it is live. Sarla asks Kunti to get her leg cut. Pratap returns home with his face blacken and his clothes torn. Kanhaiya and Kunti don’t identify him. Pratap tells that Banwari and his goons have celebrated diwali today and used crackers on him, and asks her to pay the money. Kunti refuses and kick him. Kalsi comes out from her leg. Kunti gets happy. Kanhaiya says both kalsi and pratap are gone. Pratap says he will not go until he distributes sweets of kunti’s name. Kunti gets upset.

Precap: During Diwali celebrations, Pratap wears saree to fool Banwari’s goons. Banwari goons come and kidnaps Kunti mistaken her to be Pratap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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