Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti suspects Kanhaiya’s motives

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap telling that the buffalo is in farm. Prarthana asks what is he telling? Pratap says she is infront of us. Kunti gets irked. Pratap asks her to go and says how we will have jashn under her nose. Prema says we have to make the arrangements secretly. Kanhaiya says we shall have party outside. Panjiri says it is an insult for me, and says she will cook food. Pratap says guest will come and says if you are busy in work then who will spend time with Maiyya. Kanhaiya sees Kunti and says buffalo went to farm and asks them to look behind him. Pari says Mummy ji is outside. Kunti gets sad and goes. They think of venue and decoration. Pratibha asks her to take selfie and write soch, vyachaar and atyachaar. Pari tags her pic as atyachar. Kanhaiya asks them to be away from


Kunti is sitting outside the house. Sarla comes and asks if your bahus kicked you out. She says if saas and bahus relation started. Kunti asks what do you mean? Sarla says they were your daughters. Kunti asks her to sit and tells that her food is finished from the house. Sarla asks what you are saying? She asks her to come to her house and have tea. Kunti says she will stay outside. Sarla says you are the way to become bairagi. Kunti says they don’t want to remember me. Sarla says they might be acting not to remember and then will give you surprise. Kunti says she knows about the surprise and tells that he wants to send her to Ashram. Sarla says I have trust on your son more, and says I trust him more than my son. They see Chaturvedi massaging a man on road. Kunti thinks if she has to sell Chana and massage someone. Sarla asks her to enquire and asks her not to jump on conclusions. Kunti says ok. Pratibha asks Kanhaiya why did he come in afternoon to have food.

Kunti says he told already and tells that she wants to tell something. Kanhaiya says you used to say that we shall not talk while having food. Kunti says tomorrow is a special day. Pratap asks what special. Kanhaiya and Pratibha drink water. Kanhaiya says I bought foot massage machine last year. Pratibha tells about the war in Russia last year. Kunti says she is not talking about it. Panjiri says acchar is getting finished. Kusum says tomorrow is Maiyya’s…Pratap says her damad’s play. They excuse themselves and leave. Pari says tomorrow is tomorrow, as today is today. Kunti asks her to go. Pratap says you have eaten much and asks her to walk. Kusum says tomorrow is my birthday, this thing you have to say. She says everyone is acting to save the money. Kunti asks what they are cooking? Kusum says she will enquire.

Kanhaiya calls someone and books the car. Pratap comes to the shop and says this is my destiny. He says he wants his tickets to be sold as its money will go to old age home and the play will happen there. Kanhaiya says we will celebrate her birthday beside old age home. Pratap says it is good and says if sasumaa likes it then we will send it there. Kanhaiya says I will talk to old age home. He calls Panjiri and asks her to tell everyone. Pari says I will tell Mummy ji. Kanhaiya requests her not to tell. Panjiri says only bahus can know this. Kusum comes there and asks why everyone is silent as I came here.

Kusum asks them to tell. Prarthana asks her to be careful. Pari laughs. Kusum asks them to tell. Prarthana says we are burdened by Kanhaiya’s promise. Kusum asks Panjiri to tell. Panjiri says we can’t tell. Kusum says she will give them 3rd degree (torture) which Police used to give.

Kanhaiya asks Chaturvedi about Ashram. Chaturvedi says it is good. Kanhaiya says Maiyya will be happy to know that it is like home. Kunti and Sarla hears him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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