Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prema’s plan backfires as kids ask for Elephant

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 22nd December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema bringing Prarthana and Panjiri to kitchen asking them to keep hand on their eyes and asks if they can see anything. Prarthana says she can see the God. Prarthana says she sees only Kanhaiya with her eyes closed. She asks them to open their eyes and see. She shows the fairy gift box. Panjiri and Prarthana are very much happy and appreciate Prema. Prema says this gift is brought from Swarglok, and says children shall not know that we kept it. She says we will go at 12 am and keep the gift in their room. Khatru takes out Pratap’s Adv posters and thinks where is Jije. Just then he sees Pratap coming there wearing saree and shouts. Pratap tells that somehow he saved himself.

He tells that chakma didn’t leave his vest also. Khatru tells that he fooled

Chakma and reached here. Pratap shows the teeth and tells that he has taken all the teeth from the dentist clinic. He tells that Chakma will come here surely, and tells that he will sit in barber’s shop with these teeth inside, then you hit me on my mouth asking me where I trapped you and then I will spit all these teeth out. Khatru says ok and asks shall I hit really and says if the blood is seen then it will look real. Pratap says I will eat Pan for that. Khatru says if you have used your brain in right sense, then your pic would be in Meerut Police station.

Dhairya tells that she will ask Elephant from the tooth fairy. Buddhi says we are asking elephant for ourselves so she will think we are selfish. Surili says Dhairya was about to ask cooker for mummy, but it was already brought by Papa. They think what to do so that they don’t look greedy and get elephant too. Shakti says we will tell that we want elephant for Papa. Chanchal says even Dadi can go to market on elephant and says they are getting it for our family. Dhairya says she will give us elephant and leave. Prema dances when the clock strikes 12. They think to go and keep the gift. Prema asks them to hurry up and asks Prarthana to take the gift. They go to kids’ room and keep the gift. Prema says kids have kept the flowers for the tooth fairy. Prarthana says they have kept even juice. Prema asks Panjiri to drink the juice. Panjiri says we will drink later. Prarthana says if you drink then our daughters will believe that tooth fairy has left the gift. They take out letter and tooth from under the pillow. Prema asks them to step out slowly, and reads the letter while going out and shouts. Buddhi wakes up and sleeps again. Prema says kids asked for something else other than cooker. Dhairya wakes up and sleeps again. Prema asks them to take the cooker out and they leave.

Pratap is in the barber’s shop. Khatru talks to him. Pratap asks barber to just act to shave and not actually shave his beard. Khatru says if Chakma will come today early morning. Pratap says he will come along with his daughter. Chakma Seth and his daughter Mohini come there.

Kanhaiya reads the letter and is shocked. He says my daughters asked for elephant. Prema says we didn’t know how they asked the elephant. Kanhaiya asks where is Prarthana? They tell that she went to make them understand. Prarthana tells the kids that tooth fairy haven’t come else she would have taken Dhairya’s tooth with her. Chanchal says she came yesterday. Prarthana says tooth fairy helps those who thinks about others before them and asks why did you ask for elephant rather than cooker. Buddhi tells that tooth fairy must not know that they asked for elephant and that’s why returned. Prarthana says she must not have come? Chanchal says she was very big and shows the foot impressions on the ground. Prarthana gets tensed.

Kanhaiya tells that Maiyya will return home. Kunti returns home. Kanhaiya and bahus get worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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