Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pratap loses himself in Gambling

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya and Kunti seeing old stuff kept in the hall. Panjiri says Didi is asking if we shall throw the stuff out or keep it. Kunti refuses to throw the telephone which Kanhaiya’s father had brought it. She says bahus have taken out things from all corners. Kanhaiya says I told them to throw all old stuff out. Kunti says but nothing shall be thrown without my consent. She looks at the stuff and says it was given by her saas. She then looks at Kanhaiya’s childhood shoes and says she will not throw it. Kanhaiya says I am grown up now and asks her not to have attachment with the things. Kunti looks at the things and gets emotional.

Pratap is playing with Banwari Lal. The latter laughs on him and asks him to bet on the ring. Pratap refuses, but bets on the

ring. Kunti comes to kitchen. Panjiri says she don’t want to throw any stuff out. Kunti says even she don’t want to throw. Pari comes there and says she searched for mauka everywhere, but couldn’t find it. Kunti asks her to clean the Kalsi and keep it inside. Pari blows air on it and says she don’t know how to clean the dust. Kunti gives her directions to clean the stuff. Pari says ok. Pratap loses 6 times and thinks how he will play 7th time, and thinks what to bet this time. Banwari Lal asks him to put bet on himself. Pratap happily agrees. Banwari says if you wins then you will get 65000 and if you loses then you have to give 65000 else you have to be here as my Servant. Pratap asks are you mad? Banwari says 7th number is your lucky number and asks him to play. Pratap shows his cards. Banwari Lal wins 7th times also. Pratap panics. Banwari Lal says now you have become my ghulam and laughs.

Prema sees the books in the shelves and thinks what kind of books is this and tells the names. Pratibha says may be sasumaa likes it. Prema cleans the dust on the books by blowing on it. Pari says it is a dust and says she knows how to clean it. She takes the books and goes to kitchen. She dips the books in hot water to clean it. Pratibha is shocked and asks why did you keep it in hot water. Kunti comes there and asks what did she do? Pratibha shows the books. Kunti is shocked. Pari says all pages will be white now. Kunti thinks you are a wonder and asks her to put the books on terrace for drying. Pari says there is a cow on the terrace and tells that Pratap said that there is a cow there and he went to fed it. Kunti says he was locked. Pari says she opened it. Kunti is shocked.

Pratap comes to Kunti’s house and hides in the drum. Banwari Lal comes there and says he wants to take him with him. Kanhaiya asks if he wants to see his play. Banwari Lal says Pratap will become his Servant now and tells that he lost himself in gambling, and asks Kunti to either give 65000 or send Pratap to work as Servant at his house. Kanhaiya says Jija is not here and is shocked. Banwari Lal goes. Kunti says she will not give money. Kanhaiya says where is Jija, if he left Meerat. Kusum says then who will make my evening tea. Pratap gets stuck in the drum. Pari comes out and takes selfie with drum. Pratap walks inside the house with drum on his body. Kunti tells kanhaiya that she will not give money. Prathana asks if there is any news. Kanhaiya says he lost himself. Kusum says you would have thought before getting me married to him. Kunti asks who has kept drum here.

Banwari’s goons kidnap Pratap. Pari sees goons taking him and thinks Pratap is going to play hockey.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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