Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya Informs Sharma That He has Five Wives

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti tells family that they should get neighbor band master’s daughters married to Sharma lawyer and assistant Dino. Pratap does his usual jokergiri and yells at Kunti. Kanhaiya says enough of drama now, it is time to reveal that he has five wives. Sharma and Dino eagerly wait for Kanto/Prarthana and Chanto/Panjiri’s parents. Kunti walks down. They ask where are Kanto and Chanto’s parents. Kunti says Kanto and Chanto left, Prarthana and Panjiri have come instead. Sharmaa asks who are they. Prarthana and Panjiri come down. Kanhaiya says they are his wives. Sharma and Dino are shocked and asks what about Pratibha. Kanhaiya says he has 5 wives. Prarthana, Panjiri, Pratibha, Prema, and Pari stand around Kanhaiya. They all say they are all happily married to Kanhaiya.

Dino says that means they will not get 2 crores now. Kanhaiya says he does not need 2 crores, wives say they need only 10 lakhs to free their shop from revenue department. Sharma gets a call and listens seriously, says he did not give 2 crores cheque yet. Family looks at him tensely. He says Shalini aunty’s shop and house are raided an she needs to pay 1.85 crores tax to revenue department, so they are left with 15 lakhs now, which he will give it to Kanhaiya as he has 5 wives but is happily married. Kanhaiya and whole family rejoices and says they can repay revenue department’s 10 lakhs now. Kunti asks what about remaining 5 lakhs. Pratap says they can go no vacation leaving Kunti and Kusum at home. Kanhaiya says he knows what to do with remaining 5 lakhs, he will give it to pigeon. All 5 wives at once asks pigeon??> Kanhaiya says yes, pigeon will pay his revenue tax now.

Kanhaiya hands over 5 lakhs cheque to Pyarelel and asks him to repay his tax dues. Pyarelal and his wife thank Kanhaiya and his family, and Pyarelal runs enacting as pigeon. Kunti tells Kanhaiya that she is proud of him. He says he always does right thing.

Next morning, Kanhiaya speaks to his client over phone before going to shop. Prema gets romantic with him. Kunti sees them and scolds Prema. They walk down, and Kunti says all her bahus are perfect and do their job proficiently. She sees breakfast and praises Panijiri, she did good deeds in her previous life that she got so proficient bahus. Kanhaiya jokes that he does good deed always. Prarthana gets mesmerized. Kunti asks to iron her sari as she is going to her friend’s house for religious gathering. Prema asks she ordered which bahu. Kunti says anyone bahu.

Kunti goes to market to get vegetables. Her friend badmouths about her bahu that she does do any chores or even feed her and praises Kunti that her bahus take care of her so well. Kunti feel proud. Friend warns not to be so proud.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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