Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti realizes there is no strategy for good upbringing

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema telling Shakti that she would have broken his teeth. The boy’s mother says both mum and daughter are same. Chanchal throws tomatoes on Chanchan. Boy’s mum gets angry. Kunti is about to scold Chanchal, but Prarthana says now it is praising time. Kunti says it is enough of praise and scolding alternately and says I am dismissing this idea. She says Kanhaiya is right, we can’t bring up the children like this. Panjiri says what we will do now. Kunti says I have understand there is no idea of good upbringing, says all kids are different, there can’t fix the ways and asks them to use the way which is needed according to the situation. Everyone likes it. Kids hear her and says we will be scolded now. Pari sees them and takes the selfie with kids. She then takes

Kanhaiya, Kunti and other bahus pic.

Later pari is applying lipstick. Chanchal plays cracker sound. Pari applies lipstick all around her mouth. Chanchal asks her not to feel bad and says today is Diwali. Prema stitches Kanhaiya’s button. Chanchal comes and plays the cracker sound in the tape recorder. Kanhaiya gets hurt as the needle pierced on his chest. Chanchal asks them not to feel bad and says today is Diwali. Chanchal comes to tease Kunti. Kunti catches her and asks her to call other girls to lawn. She asks them to tell what will happen after two days. They say Diwali. Kunti asks why do we celebrate it. Dhairya says so that we can eat laddoo. Buddhi says so that we can wear new clothes. Surili says we can sing aarti. Chanchal says so that we can crack crackers. Kunti asks whether your mummy haven’t told you anything. She tells about the importance of Diwali and asks them to fold their hand. She tells them about God Ram’s story and asks them to hear it carefully. She tells that obedient Ram went to vanvas to obey his father’s promise made to Kaikeyi. She turns and sees all 4 girls went. She thinks Dhairya is obedient and sitting. She sees her snoring while her eyes are open. Kunti is surprised.

Kanhaiya tells Pratibha and Prema that the sales are less this year. Prema says it will increase surely. Kunti comes and taunts Pratibha and Prema for giving much knowledge to kids. Pratibha says I teach them well. Kunti says they don’t know God Ram’s katha and asks whose responsibility is this? Prema says it is of Dadi. Kunti says Dadi’s responsibility is to make them eat churan etc. Kanhaiya says I will teach them. Dadi says we have to make them obedient like God Ram and says your kids will help you in Diwali preparations.

Panjiri tells Dhairya that she shall agree to everyone’s sayings and become obedient. She makes Laddoos and gives to Dhairya asking her to count and keep it, but Dhairya eats all the laddoos. Pari tells that they will clean the house and make it sparkle. Buddhi says next Diwali will come. Pari reads the instructions and shakes her body. Buddhi asks her to shake the bottle. Pari asks her not to argue and do as she said. Both of them shake their bodies.

Kanhaiya tells Khatru that their sale is less this time. Khatru says say no to cracker and says someone might kept the board asking people not to buy sarees from us. Kanhaiya says gol gappa guy Vasant left from here and we have loss of sales. Khatru says vasant opened saree shop in his locality. Kanhaiya asks him to get someone to open golgappa shop to increase sales and says he will doubled his bonus. Khatru goes. Prarthana comes to buy some stuff from the shop. Chanchal asks her to come and buy crackers. Sarla asks the cracker shop owner to close his shop. Prarthana sees her blackened face and asks what happened to your face. Sarla says this is the miracle of our neighborhood children and says boys made cracker burst on her face. Chanchal says how we will celebrate Diwali now. Sarla says we have banned crackers. Chanchal gets upset.

Buddhi tells that Dadi asked us not to burn crackers, but she didn’t ask us not to burn crackers kept in the storeroom. They go to the storeroom and tell Pari that they are obeying Dadi, and will burn the crackers. Kunti gets upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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