Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Pari impresses Kunti as panch guni bahu

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya telling Pari that now he is sure that she is happy. Pari says she is much happy. Kunti hears her laughing sound and wakes up Kusum. Kusum hears pari voice and asks her to sleep. Kanhaiya asks Pari to stop laughing. Pratap says he said that he is convinced that you are happy. Pari says Pratibha asks her to hide their sadness and laughs sadly again. Kusum says she is laughing. Kunti keeps her hand on her mouth and hears the sound. Kusum says she is laughing and tells aloud that there is nobody here. Kunti says there is someone at my house hearing bangles sound. All bahus are hiding behind Kunti. Pari comes infront of her and says sasumaa went to sleep.

Kunti catches her and asks Kanhaiya to switch on lights. She gets some memory again and calls Pari’s

name. She asks what you are doing here, as you got married yesterday. Pari says she got married long back. Kunti hears the laughs. Others bahu hide. Pratap says one bahu is passed, others is stuck. Kanhaiya says she called her panchguni. Next morning, Panjiri asks Pari to handle the situation and says she made tea and kachori for Kunti. Kanhaiya brings kunti to kitchen. Kunti gets happy seeing Pari’s beautiful face. Pari says she made tea and kachori. Kunti asks her to keep it on table. Kunti comes to inhouse temple and says it is decorated well. She says Pari has won my heart. Pari says when did I decorate? Kanhaiya says she don’t want the credit. Kunti hugs her. Pratap eats the kachori and says it is good. Pratibha says he forgot the work. Pratap shows the bill. Pari says I will tell. Pratap asks her to tell whatever Pratibha taught her. Pari impresses her.

Kunti asks Pari to serve food and likes the tea and kachori. She says she has experienced heaven. Pari asks why you are talking about death. Kunti says it is good and asks kanhaiya to drink tea. Pari stops him and takes a sip from his cup. She talks in French and asks kanhaiya to drink. Kunti asks what you said? Pari says it is French, love language. Prema and Pratibha are worried. Panjiri comes there and says she made Pulao etc for Pratap. Pratap comes there wearing British jailor’s clothes to act in play. Panjiri asks him to have tiffin. Pratap says it is your tiffin and asks them to sit in the near by garden and have air. He says I will come and take you. Pratibha says there are just small plants, how can we sit there. Pratap says it will get big in 4-5 years and then you can have fresh air. They ask if Kunti will get memory after 4-5 years. Pratap says can’t say.

Prema gives clothes to laundry man and asks him not to speak in high tone. Just then Kunti comes and asks Prema if she is stealing their clothes. Prema says no.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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