Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya convinces Kusum for New Year Party

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 1st January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti going to Vrindavan. Bahus pretends to be sad. Kunti asks them not to worry. Pari asks her to send letter. Pratibha says she will come soon. Kunti says she can’t go seeing them sad and says Sarla and Meenu are not coming. Khatru asks her to come. Kunti asks her to come. Khatru says once you go then bahus will do the arrangements. Kunti asks what arrangements? Khatru tells what is bahu’s best at? Pratap says I will miss you. Khatru asks Pratap to give 20 Rs. Pratap tells Kunti that he is asking for 100 Rs to drop you. Once kunti goes in auto, Bahus plan to make arrangements. Prema says she will dance with Kanhaiya all night. Panjiri says she will dance on varun dhawan songs and didi on bhajan. Pratibha asks Pari to do decoration. Pari asks when and where.

Pratibha says we will wear hero and heroine clothes and asks Pratap to get it from his dance academy. Kusum gets upset seeing them making arrangements for party. She says she will inform Kunti. Pratap throws the phone to Pratibha . Pratibha says everyone will enjoy. Panjiri says we are doing this arrangements with Kanhaiya’s approval. They throw phone towards each other. Prema thinks to call Kanhaiya.

Khatru returns after dropping Kunti to station. Prema calls Kanhaiya and tells him that Kusum is making issue of party and wants to inform Kunti. She asks him to come fast. Kanhaiya tells Khatru that new year party is in danger. Kusum tries to get the phone. They hold her and asks Pratap to run. Kusum says you all would have informed me. She says ok, I will not inform Maiyya. She asks Pari to sit and says she will call from landline number. She picks the phone and then forgets the number. Pari says I will tell you and tells the number. Kusum calls Kunti and tells that she is her rajkumari. Kunti says battery is ending. Just then kanhaiya comes and cuts the call. He tells Kusum that there was a guava tree behind our school. He says one day my friend brought it and gave me. He says I had two ways, one to have guava with others, or to tell the gardener. He says he preferred to have it for his friend and asked them not to do it next time.

Kusum agrees for his happiness. Pratibha says lets begin the party arrangements. Sarla and Meenu comes there and says they will also attend the party. Panjiri shows the dishes which she made. Prema says it is like someone’s marriage dawat. Pari says she will become hava havai….Kusum says she will become. Prema comes and asks what happened? Kusum says they want to become hawa hawai….Prema gives her suggestions and says she is becoming mastani. Pratibha says decorations need to be done. Prema says she gave song list and gave to Kanhaiya. Pari says she will become dhanno. Kusum says dhanno was basanti’s horse. Pari makes a sad face. Prema and Kusum smiles.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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