Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti and her family bid farewell to Chachaji

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chacha ji asking Panjiri to serve pakodas with tea. Panjiri says didi is saying they can get sleep by having pakodas. Pratibha gives the reasoning. Kunti asks Pratibha to call Police. Chacha ji gets tensed and says he will bring chutney. Kanhaiya says I will make your chutney. He is about to run out, and sees two ward boys with a lady. He runs inside the house. The ward boys ask why you called him thief. Kunti says he has stolen my jewellery. Pratap and Kusum comes there. Kunti tells that Chacha ji has stolen my jewellery. Pratap says we have kept jewellery in locker. Kanhaiya says why didn’t you tell us. Pratap says sasumaa told us so we kept. The ward boys tell that Chacha ji is from old age home. They ask if he has no family. Ward boy says he has a big family,

but they have thrown him out. He says he ran away from there and have a habit to forget. Where ever he goes, he thinks them as his family.

He says he will be fine in sometime. Chacha ji comes out after sometime and meets the old age home employees. He is about to go. Panjiri says one thing is remaining. She feeds him Agra ka petha. Chacha ji gets happy. Prarthana asks him to bless them. They decide to meet him in the old age home. Pari takes the selfie. Chacha ji goes.

Pari comes to Prema and asks can I get ready looking in your mirror. Prema says ok. Kanhaiya says you are still getting ready and says car will come. They do the poetry. Kanhaiya says we are going to the market for Kunti’s birthday. Pari says if we will stay there for 2 days. Kanhaiya says we will take her there and will ask her what she likes. Pari asks if they will give her what she likes. Kanhaiya says I will cough if Maiyya likes something then asks them to take her, then he will buy it. Panjiri says she made list of things to buy. Kanhaiya says they will shop only for Kunti. Panjiri says Kunti don’t want to come. Kunti refuses to come and says last time when she tried to go with bahus, then she fell down from the car. She asks him to take her like shravan kumar. He says I can take you, but what about bahus. Pari says car arrived.

Kanhaiya asks Kunti to come. Kunti refuses. Panjiri asks her to tell which acchar to buy. Kanhaiya asks her to think about Maiyya. Pari comes and says milkman car came. Kunti refuses to come. Panjiri says achhar. Kanhaiya asks her to think about Kunti. He gives her promise asking her to come. They come out and see Pratibha, Prema and Prarthana already sitting. When they all try to sit, Prema falls down and then kunti falls down. Kanhaiya asks her to sit in middle. She sits. Prema says she has no place. Pari sits in Kunti’s lap and makes Prema sit. Kunti shouts in pain. Pari takes selfie with them and says she is adopted bahu of kunti.

Kunti tells that she wants her birthday to be special as this is her first birthday with bahus. Kanhaiya says it comes every year. Kunti sees aneighbor and gets worried knowing his son sent him to old age home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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