Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets touched by bahus gesture

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti packing her stuff in the suitcase. Kanhaiya asks Maiyya what you are doing. Panjiri asks her not to leave home. Kunti says my son is with bahus. Kanhaiya says you will not go anywhere. Prathana apologizes to her. Panjiri asks her not to go. Pari asks her to listen to them. Prema says she will listen to you later. Pratibha asks her to listen. Kunti says people will taunt her and tell that her bahus worked at their houses. Pratap asks Kusum if she kept charger in bag. Panjiri says koi kaam chota nahi hota. Kunti says now she can’t bear to hear that her bahus work at people houses. She says she will stay at chaurasiya’s house. Pratap says what he can feed you and asks her to go to yatra. Kunti says ok. Pratap says you can get free too. Kunti says you were earning

money to go to Shimla and Manali. Prema says no. Pratap tells about the bus time. Kanhaiya asks her to listen. Pratap asks her to give money.

Just then a man comes and tells that he has a complaint against the maid. They ask if the servant haven’t done work nicely. Man tells that she did nice work, but have broken photoframe of his father which was worth 25000. Prathana asks him not to misbehave with the Servant. Pratibha says we will return your money. She gives him 18000 Rs. Man asks for all money. Kanhaiya gives him 7000 Rs. Servant tells Kunti that you gave them good sanskar. Kunti says now go to Shimla and Manali. Kanhaiya says they had done this work so that they can get washing machine for you worth 40000 Rs.

Pratibha apologizes to her. Pari says we shall not apologize to mummy ji. Kunti says Pari is right and says I did wrong. Kusum says you got me married to Pratap without knowing him. Kunti apologizes and says atleast you tried. Pari asks them to listen to her. Two men comes and says you got washing machine as gift. Pari says she wanted to tell something and says she won it in the scratch card. Kanhaiya says they got washing machine as their intention was good.They get happy. Panjiri says they will start with Prathana’s clothes. They argue. Kunti is shocked. Pratap asks her to go to Badrinath.

Later in the night, Pratap wakes up Kusum and says he got prize in acting and everyone is clapping. He thinks she is sleeping for sure and thinks to leave before she wakes up and asks him to make tea. He goes and falls down. Prathana gives him aarti and asks where is he going? Kusum, Kanhaiya and Kunti come there. Kusum asks where he was going? Pratap says he was going to have water. Kusum says he was going to gambled on Diwali. She says she kept vase to catch him. He sees broken vase. Kunti warns him and asks him not to go. Pratap says it is his lucky number and says he will return as crorepati. Kunti says you have lost my mobile and two glass cylinders. Kanhaiya says even water tank and asks him to stay away from gambling. Prathana asks him not to play. Pratap says she is asking him to go. Kusum ties him with a chain and locks it. She says she will tie him on to bed today and takes him to room. Kanhaiya and Kunti smiles.

Prathana comes to kitchen. Panjiri says I have taken bath with kesar soap. Prathana says she was seeing the food. Panjiri says she made food of her choice. Pratibha shows the saree and asks which saree is good. Prema asks if you are buying Saree from outside. Pratibha says kanhaiya sent the pics and asks them to decide among the sarees. Prathana says we will choose. Panjiri says if Didi chooses then I will choose too. Kunti asks Kusum who will clean the house. Kusum says you don’t have to lose 2000 pink note and tells that you have 5 bahus and 1 damad. Kunti asks where is he? Kusum says he is tied to bed. Kanhaiya says his voice is not coming. Kusum says if he eloped.

Kunti and Kusum get worried thinking bahus are partitioning in the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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