Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Lawyer Gets Suspicious On Kanhaiya

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti in retro style asks lawyer if he is convinced that Kanhaiya is leading a happy married life, he can give her 2 crores cheque and return back to his children. Lawyer gets sad. Assistant says his boss does not have baal bacche/children and his baal/hair are almost goon waiting for marriage. Lawyer sadly says he is waiting for a girl still. Kunti prays for him. Prarthana clashes with him while carrying pooja flowers and apologizes him in pure Hindi. He imagines dancing with her and gets engrasped in her thoughts. Kunti asks if he can give cheque now. He says still 1 day of examination is left, he will give her cheque tomorrow evening. Kunti prays god to protect her 5 bahus till tomorrow evening.

Kanhaiya wears his shift and realizes Prema again broke his shirt button. He calls

Prema and asks her to fix button. She hands over broom to him and gets romantic in French language. He asks her to wait for 2 days till lawyer leaves.

Pratibha serves tea to lawyer. Lawyer climbs stairs praising Kunti that she got a well educated bahu. Kunti says her bahu is well educated and single bahu. Pratibha says she is very happy in her sasural, if he can give 2 crores cheque now. He continues walking. She rushes to Kanhaiyaa’s room and sees Prema fixing button and hurriedly takes charge while Prema hides. Lawyer enters with Kunti and stands freezed. Kunti and Prarthana tries to manage while Prema tries to leave, but stops when lawyer sees her. She asks Kunti if she can come in. Prarthana pricks needle in Kanhaiya’s chest. Kunti asks to be careful. Prema takes charge and gets romantic. Lawyer and assistant get suspicious. Lawyer says Kanhaiya is having affair with maid. Kunti tries to manage situation.

Assistant is busy checking files when Panjeri/Chjntu walks to him and says she was searching him in whole house. He excitedly says he searches lawyer’s boring files and she is searching him, She says she brought special tea to him. He imagines romancing her and throws file papers. Lawyer Sharma enters and scolds him. Assistant realizes it was his imagination. Panjeri then comes out of house leaves with Kanhaiya sitting as pillion. He thinks Kanhaiya is having affair even with cook. Prarthana sees that and gets tensed that he will inform lawyer now. She calls Kanhaiya. Assistant goes and informs lawyer and takes him to balcony to catch them red handed. Lawyer says if Kanhaiya is found with Gopis, he will lose Shalini bua’s 2 crores’will money. Kanhaiya comes with Pratibha and taunts lawyer if he is enjoying fresh air with his assistant. Panjeri walks in hiding.

Kanhaaiya then clashes with Prarthana who asks him to fix flowers in her hair. He takes her aside and does. Lawyer sees them and takes assistant to show it, fumes that Kanhaiya is a Casanova and is fixing flowers in Kanto/Prarthana’s hair.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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