Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya and Bahus realize truth of Chacha ji

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla questioning Kunti that if she thought such things about her. Kunti says you are my dear friend. Panjiri says I will bring tea and biscuits. Chacha ji asks her to bring only 2 biscuits else she will finishes all, and says Kunti said this. Kunti says bhai saheb. Chacha ji says truth is bitter but good. Chacha ji provokes Sarla against Kunti. Pari tells further about Kunti’s thought. Kunti asks her to sit. Panjiri says she will bring something to eat. Sarla cries. Chacha ji says Kunti said that once you sit, you don’t get up soon. Sarla gets upset and goes. Chacha ji asks Kunti not to thank him.

Kunti calls Sarla and tries to convince her. Kusum says Chacha ji said what you said. She says Sarla will tell everyone now. Pratap and Kanhaiya come there.

Pratap tells that eggs were about to fall on us. Kusum asks what happened? Kanhaiya says Chacha ji was about to give all his shop for free and says now they shall asks Chacha ji to leave. Pratap says who can say better than Kunti. Kunti says she will not bear anymore now as business is getting affected.

Pratibha tells that Chacha ji did bad. Prarthana says Chacha ji is welcomed in our house. Kunti comes there and says it is enough now. She says Chacha ji said so much to Sarla and asks did I say this about Sarla, Pari tells everything whatever she said. She tells what Sarla told her. Kanhaiya asks Panjiri and Prarthana to talk to Chacha ji. Kunti says I will tell and says Chacha ji will leave soon, and we have to look at the house. She asks her to make Chacha ji understand not to interfere in their house. Panjiri says kanhaiya’s chacha is mine etc. Kunti asks what you are saying.

Kanhaiya asks Prarthana to tell him and says we will pretend as if we don’t know. Prarthana says we can’t tell your Chacha to leave. Panjiri translates. Kunti asks what you are saying? Kanhaiya says you didn’t tell that I have Chacha. Kunti says you don’t have chacha. Kanhaiya asks Prarthana to tell that he is her Chacha. Prarthana says he is not her Chacha. Panjiri says our father don’t have a brother. Kunti asks Panjiri then why you called him Chacha ji. Panjiri says Pratibha told.

Pratibha says you told that Chacha ji is coming. Kunti recalls and a fb is shocked. She says she was talking about Gopal Chacha. Kanhaiya asks if he is not my Chacha, their Chacha then who is he? Bahus says Thief. Kunti says my jewellery. They run to room and check jewellery, but it is missing. Panjiri says she saw him here sometime back. Bahus tell that they don’t hope this from Chacha. Kunti tries to run out and sees Chacha ji standing. They let him enter. Chacha ji says he came to get his stuff and says he is leaving now. He tells that he bought pakodas for her. Pratibha asks Prema not to eat and says he might have added drugs in it. Kanhaiya also says the same.

Kanhaiya asks Pratibha to call Police. Chacha ji tries to run hearing Police word and opens the door.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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