Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids return home

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya asking where are they going with mama. Kunti says she is going to Modi Nagar to bring the kids. Kanhaiya says I told that I will bring them after a day and asks her to wait for a day. Kunti asks him not to come between them. Kanhaiya says ok. Kunti says lets go fast. They open the door and see Kids running inside calling Dadi. Kunti gets happy and says you are here? Girls tell that they were missing home and specially you. Kunti gets happy. Nani says girls were asking me to take them home. A fb is shown, Surili cries and tells that she wants to go to Dadi and missing her. Chanchal cries and says the same. All girls say the same and ask Nani to take them home. Fb ends. Kanhaiya says you would have called me. Nani says they were crying. Kunti asks really? Girls

hug Kunti happily. Nani says kids love Dadi a lot and asks where they were going in night. Buddhi says rasoi mummy must have made them eat a lot so must be going for walk. Kunti makes them pray again and gives chocolates. Dhairya asks for more chocolates. Kunti says I am same Dadi and hugs them.

Khatru tells Reshma that he will massage her legs if she agrees to marry him. He sees Pratap in an advertisement poster and then watches his interview. Pratap tells that he had used common dant manjan and just 2 teeth are left now. He promises Chakma Dant Manjan. Khatru gets happy and says my jija came on TV. Pratibha acts as Jhansi ki rani and says I will not give my Jhansi to anyone. Girls laugh. Pratibha scolds them. They laugh thinking what she will teach them tomorrow. Surili asks if she will jump from one tea to another. Pratibha asks them to learn this chapter and tells the same lines.

Pratap comes wearing garland. Khatru gets happy. Pratibha tells the dialogues of Jhansi ki rani and british men. She tells about the proverb, and says if milk tooth is not fallen, then it means your childishness didn’t go. Surili shows her teeth. Pratibha says these teeth will not fall. Shakti tells that Dhairya’s milk tooth haven’t fallen yet. Khatru asks Pratap’s new fans to sit. Pratap says let them come and calls him khatru ji. Khatru asks him not to call him ji. Pratap gives the speech and says someone else wouldn’t have done this Adv. Dhairya comes to Prema and Prarthana and asks them to get her milk tooth removed. They ask her not to worry. Dhairya says she wants it to get removed by today. Pratap boasts about himself and says I have become pratap, the actor and have earned 50000. Chakma company owner gives cheque of 50000 Rs. Khatru takes the video. Prarthana asks Dhairya to wait patiently. Dhairya tells that her sister made her leave as they played carrom board and then chess board. She says until my milk tooth is there, my sisters will not let me play.

Pratibha and Prema tell about Dant Pari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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