Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kunti finds out about bahus agency

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari telling Kanhaiya that everyone can’t become SRK while saying Main Hun Naa. Kanhaiya says he would have brought washing machine next month. Pratibha says they don’t want to make Kunti feel low. Pari says you told me that nobody’s height get less after 18 years. Pratibha says they will soon get 40 thousand Rs. Prathana says they want to surprise Kunti and gift her washing machine. Panjiri says Didi is saying don’t tell Maa ji. Prema asks him not to tell her. Kanhaiya says he shall tell Kunti that her bahus are diamonds. Pari says they are beautiful. Kanhaiya says he is proud of them. Pari says status is good pati garvwati. They say garv/proud. Kanhaiya wishes them best for their agency. Pratibha gets the call and notes down the details. Few days passes

by. Pari takes the call and talks nonsense. Prema takes the call and asks the person on call to give address. After a week, Pratibha says they have managed to earn 18000 Rs. and will have to earn 22000 more.

Pratap reads the news seeing the newspaper about bahu torturing mum in law and husband. Kunti says her bahus are good. Pratap says spy’s sight is on them. Kunti asks him not to doubt her bahus.

Panjiri brings laddoos for kunti. Neighbor praises Panjiri and tells Kunti that she has fired her Servant. Pratap asks if you are doing work now. Kunti asks why did you fire Servant. Neighbor tells her that now a days it is easy to get the servant at home. She shows the pamphlet and calls on the number. Pari comes and gives call to Panjiri asking her to pick it. Panjiri says life insurance people is troubling her. Pari says chal jhuuti. Neighbor calls her again. Panjiri makes an excuse and goes. Pratap asks Kunti, if she is feeling same. Panjiri brings milk and apples for Prathana. Pratap is hiding from under the bed. Pari comes and asks where is Panjiri. Prathana says she went to room. Panjiri comes and tells what she said. Pari keeps her foot on Pratap’s hand. Pratap feels pain. Pari asks Panjiri to give her cucumber so that she can keep on her eyes.

Pratap gives phone to Kunti and says it seems new. Kusum asks Kunti not to be blinded. Phone rings. Kunti picks the call. The woman asks her to send woman to work in the house. Kunti thinks bahus are working in the people’s house as maids and thinks they are doing this to go for honeymoon. Panjiri picks the call.

Kunti is on call and tells that she wants a servant who can make all teas and talks like her. Prema takes the call. Kunti says she wants Servant who can sing French song. Pratibha takes the call. Kunti asks questions. Pratibha says we send Servants to houses. She asks what kind of Servant you wants. Kunti says she wants a beautiful Servant who can take good Selfie. She praises all bahus. Prema says it is a wonder, she wants kaam wali like our qualities. She asks them to write their address and says Kunti Nivas. They all get shocked as Kunti comes infront of them. She calls Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya asks what happened. Kunti shows the pamphlets and says her bahus have ruined her name. Prema asks Kanhaiya to make her understand. Kunti asks did you know about their work. Kanhaiya says they were…Kunti scolds him for forgetting old mum. Pari says you are not old fully. Kunti says she will leave home. They all ask her not to go. Pratap asks her to keep ID card or Adhaar card. Kunti gets irked. Kanhaiya says you will not go Maiyya.

A man comes to Kunti’s house and tells that he came to get complaint written and tells that the Servant have broken the photo frame of his father worth 25000. Pratibha says we will pay you the money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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