Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Chacha ji creates a scene in Kanhaiya’s shop

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha telling that they are sitting with peace as Chacha ji is not here. Pari asks who is shanti and says we have no shanti at home. Prema says it is peace of heart and mind and asks her not to use mind. Pari says I have no mind. Pratibha says if you question us then even we will lose our brain. Panjiri comes there and says I have cooked food. She says this is possible because of you all. She says she will make petha in Meerut and says she likes to do good service. She says Chacha ji is just a guest of 4 days. They think Chacha ji will be dying. Prema says it is a bad thing. Panjiri says you are upset. Prarthana says Chacha ji is about to go to God. Panjiri asks when and says she haven’t made petha till now. Pratibha says you said that he is leaving. Panjiri

says she said that he will go to his place. She says we shall take care of Chacha ji else Kunti might get upset.

Kusum tells Kunti that they shall have food as Chacha ji is not at home. She says she will bring food and give her. Kunti says Pratap and your 36 qualities match perfectly. She says Chacha ji can’t harm Kanhaiya. Chacha ji goes out and tells that all foreign sarees are free. The people barged in the shop and says it is free. Kanhaiya asks Pratap to keep eye and goes out. He asks Chacha ji what is he saying? Chacha ji asks everyone to take sarees. Kanhaiya tries to stop the people.

Pratap closes the door. Kanhaiya asks Chacha ji to go home. Chacha ji says he wants to burn the saree, but then thought it can be useful to poor. Kanhaiya asks him to go home and says he will sell khadi sarees from tomorrow. Chacha ji goes. Kanhaiya tells the customer that the sarees will have double prize. They leave the saree. Panjiri comes to Kunti and tells that Sarla is coming home. Kunti says Chacha ji is here, and asks Panjiri to bring tea and biscuits when she comes home.

Chacha ji comes home. Kusum asks about the shop. Chacha ji says the people got crazy about sarees. He asks what you are talking about Sarla. Kunti says she is coming to meet him. Chacha ji tells that he will make the list of things to be made. Khatru comes to the shop and tells that he brought the sarees from the people who took it for free. Kanhaiya takes the sarees and says it is good that sarees are saved. He says I have to keep the jewellery in locker. Pratap says it is not right to keep it at home. Kanhaiya ays today we have to keep the jewellery at home and says no stranger is in the house. Chacha ji comes to Kunti’s room and is about to go towards almari when Panjiri comes and asks what is he doing in Kunti’s room. Chacha ji says he forgot and thought it is his room. He eyes the almari and goes.

Sarla comes home and asks Kunti where is she? Kunti says guest came here. Chacha ji comes there and greets Sarla. Kunti says he is Chacha ji. Sarla asks whose Chacha ji. Chacha ji says it doesn’t matter and asks if she likes truth. Sarla says yes. Chacha ji tells that Kunti has objection with your tea intake in the house and also told that once you come home, you don’t go soon. Sarla gets angry with Kunti.

Kunti asks Panjiri to ask her Chacha ji to leave. Panjiri says they have no chacha. Kanhaiya says if they are not their Chacha then who is he? The bahus shout and says thief.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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