Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya comes to know about his wives’ new business

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema telling that they got many calls and if their work gets more better then it is ok. Prathana asks when we can buy washing machine. Pratibha says very soon. Pari says if not then we will get some money from Kunti. Kunti comes there and asks why you all are together since yesterday. Pari says we were talking about Prathana’s toothpaste. Kunti says since yesterday. Kunti goes to neighbor’s house. Pratibha says we have to be careful while taking orders. Sasumaa shall not know what we are doing. Pratap thinks he will find out. Panjiri and Pratibha are going out to meet more servants. Pratap is still indisguise of a beggar follows them. He sees them meeting some woman. Man thinks him as beggar and gives money. Pratap says he is a spy. Man takes the money. Pratap

looks for Pratibha and Panjiri missing.

Prathana picks the call and starts talking in hindi. Pari says we don’t need servant. Prema takes the call and asks the woman on call to send address and says they will send Servant. Kunti asks where is panjiri? Pari says she went out. Prema says she went out. Kunti asks where? Prema says she went to terrace to dry papads and says she must be in room. Kunti asks them to tell her to make tea, as she wants to read newspaper and have it. Pari says I will make. Kunti says no, call Panjiri. Pari calls her. Prathana says she must be busy in some work. They say we will call her. Kunti asks Prema to go and call her.

Pratap comes and falls on her feet. Kunti shouts. Pratap says he is Pratap and has become beggar to spy. He tells panjiri is not here, as she is with Pratibha. Kunti asks where are they and asks why they are lying. Prema says Pratap might be mistaken and says they are in room. Kunti stops pari to stay there and asks Prema and Prathana to go and call them. Prema calls Pratibha and asks them to come fast as Kunti is angry and asking about them. Pari irritates Kunti. Pratap says they are not in the rooms. Kunti calls them. Pratibha and Panjiri comes back. Pari breaks something to divert Kunti and Pratap’s mind. Panjiri and Pratibha go to room. Later they come with Prema and Prathana and asks what is broken. Pratap says my ego. Kunti asks Panjiri to make tea and scolds Pratap.

Kanhaiya searches for the pamphlet which Khatru gave to him. Panjiri asks Pari to pick the call. Kanhaiya says he needs servant. Pari says they have kaam walis and not kaam walas. She makes the phone slips. Kanhaiya finds her voice similar. He again calls her. Panjiri picks the call and says they offer servants to work. Kanhaiya sees panjiri talking and comes infront of her. Panjiri is shocked.

Kanhaiya asks them why did they hide from him about the new work. Prema says you told that your business is not going well. Prathana says washing machine is not working. Pratibha says that’s why we thought to start this work. Kanhaiya says I will manage house expenses and asks them not to worry. They ask him not to tell Kunti. Kanhaiya says he has to tell her.

Kunti tells neighbor that it is difficult to get maids. Neighbor shows the pamphlet and says it is just a call away and calls on the number. Pari gives call to Panjiri. Panjiri is tensed when Kunti asks her to pick the call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Mr. Panchal ki band baji rehti hai… 5 wives and all are sooo much funny ????????? best show on star bharat ????????????

  2. Mr.Panchal is the best show.

  3. My favorite. Show in these days really awesome …thnku makers for give us some reason for smile

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