Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya’s dance practice with his wives

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti walks into Kanhaiya’s room and wakes him up. He wakes up dancing and singing Taki Taki..She asks what happened to him. He says her all 5 bahus are forcing him to dance practice for Vimla aunty’s son’s sangeet ceremony, his sandals broke dancing. Kunti asks if bahus make him dance with sandals. He asks to understand meaning and not catch words, he is very tired dancing. She says she is a young energetic man. He says even he used to think same till 2 days ago. In living room, bahus wait for Kanhaiya and think where did he go. Kanhaiya continues complaining that he is breathless dancing since 2 days, maiyaa goes to enjoy corn with Sarla aunty, but her bahus roast him like corn here, it is better he would have join Ganesh Acharya ji’s dance troop, he even looks

like Ganesh’s brother. Kunti says she has promised Vimla that her lalla will dance with all 5 bahus, so half guests are coming just to see their dance. Kanhaiya says he has to go to shop now. She says he is her lalla and should not give up. He says she should dance with him holding saline bottle.

Kanhaiya walks out of house from back door. All 5 bahus catch him and say he has to practice as it is Kunti’s dignity’s issue, they cannot see her sad face, so he has to dance. Pari dance on Ye Chori Badi Drama queen Hai. Kanhaiya tries hard tiredly, but Pari continues forcing him to dance. Kunti notices from a distance. Kanhaiya then runs to backyard where Prema catches him and dances on Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai ye haal kya….Kunti joins him. Prarthana dances with him then Jo Hai Albela Maadh nainon wala….song…. He dances holding flue and runs from them. Prarthana catches him next and dances on Taaki Taaki Taaki Re…song… Kusum and Pratap join them and dance. Kunti pushes Pratap away and sends Kanhaiyaa. Panjiri catches him next and dances on Man ma Emosan jaaage

Kanhaiya runs from there and sitting on chair shouts enough. Bahus insists to continue practice. Kunti says enough now, they can practice tomorrow. Kanhaiya gets Khatru’s call and says he is coming. He gets so tired and gets up with great difficulty and walks away. Kunti worriedly looks at him. Kunti walks to home temple and requests god to emerge in front of her and solve her problem, it is her lalla’s issue. Kanhaiya’s bike stops midway and he gets down to check. Kunti continues praying god to emerge. God emerges and asks why she called him emergently, speak out fast as he has important work. She says sure as he does not eat tea and snacks, her lalla is weak. God suggests her to give some nutritious food and fruit to Kanhaiya and take him to doc, even Sarlaa would have given her this suggestion. Kunti says only he can help her as lalla gets energyless after dancing with 5 bahus, if he does not dance in sangeet party, all her friends will insult her, so god should fill immense electrical energy kind a power in lallaa. God asks if she is not getting greedy. Kunti says it is for her lalla. Kanhaiya continues checking his bike. Electrician siting on electric pole asks Kanhaiya to hand him electric wire. Kanhaiya says he will be electrocuted. Electrician says there is no power for 2 hours. Kunti continues god to infuse electric energy like power in her lalla’s body. God asks to rethink as he cannot take back his boon. Kunti says she will not regret and asks to infuse electric power in lalla’s body till Vimla’s son’s wedding.

Kanhaiya is about pick electric wire when he gets call and gets busy. Eletrician asks him to give him wire. God grants boon to Kunti. Power comes back. Kanhaiya picks life wire and gets electrocuted and collapses.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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