Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids decide to shift to Nani’s house shocking Kunti

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili showing the hair band in the newspaper and tells Nani that she wants this. Nani asks Kunti to come and sit to watch film. Kunti is restless in her room. Pratap as Robot come there and asks why is she upset. Kunti tells him that kids are forgetting her due to nani. Pratap says bahus are helpless else they wouldn’t have seen you. He asks her to see other things than money. He asks her not to let kids go from her hand. Kunti asks what did I do? Pratap asks her to give more than kids demand. He says they don’t want your love, but gift. Kunti says they didn’t ask anything. She recalls Surili asking Nani to bring a nice hair band. She says she will fulfill their wishes.

Buddhi tells her sisters that they have enjoyed all day with Nani. Shakti says it

was full time masti. Dhairya says Nani don’t refuse for anything. Surili says she will punish hair band for me. Dhairya says we shall go to Nani’s house. Buddhi also likes the idea. They get happy and think if they go to Nani’s house then will be freed from Nani’s anger. They decide to go for forever.

Khatru hears Kanhaiya talking about him and telling that he will give off to him. Khatru call praatap and asks for solution. Pratap says this is the result of carelessness. Khatru says bhaiyya is firing me. Kunti sees nani dancing while Surili sings song. Kunti sees Surili wearing same dress and hair band. Nani says your voice is good. Kunti gives hair band to Surili. Surili says nani already brought it for me along with the dress. Nani says there is no problem. Kunti asks surili not to wear hgh heels sandal. Nani asks her to take it off. Surili says ok, and tells that they are going to Nani’s house. Buddhi says we are going for forever.

Khatru tells Kanhaiya that he thinks of him as God Ram and asks why you are firing me? Pratap says who will keep third class salesman? Kanhaiya calls him bull and tells that Kishan was sent by his friend to learn the sales. He tells that he didn’t hire Kishan. He tells Khatru that he is like his brother. Khatru hugs him and says we shall buy jalebi. Kanhaiya says I have still Kishan’s number. Khatru says attention, and asks what to do. Pratibha calls Kanhaiya home. Kanhaiya leaves.

Pratibha and Prema tell him that Kids want to go to Nani’s house. Kunti says bahus never thought to go, but these kids are. She asks Kanhaiya to stop them. Kanhaiya asks her to sit. The girls pack their bags fast. They get happy thinking about life in Nani’s house and the swimming in her house. Chanchal thanks God for saving them from Kunti. Pratibha asks Kunti to scold the kids. Kunti says nobody will scold them and says I became strict for discipline and values. Kanhaiya says we will not stop them and tells that if we don’t stop then they might stay back.

Kunti plans to kidnap the girls from Nani’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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