Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Pratap spies on bahus

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap telling Kunti that the something is fishy. Kusum says something is going on in their minds and says Bhabhis are hiding something from you. Pratap says nobody can be saved from jogi jasoos’s eye and asks her to clean her mouth as food is stuck in her teeth. Bahus reads the pamphlets which Prathana and Panjiri got printed. Prema says we will get shuddh hindi print erased and removed keh rahi hai didi and paste the pamphlet. They plan to paste the pamphlets on the walls of the city. Pratibha says sasumaa shall not know that we are planning to buy 40000 Rs. washing machine for her. They says who will be awake in the night. They all gather in the night. Pratibha says two persons can go, all don’t need to go. Pari says I am ready and will go and slaps her face,

says she killed the mosquito. They ask others to go. Pratap says it seems Jogi Jasoos will have to spy.

Pratibha and Panjiri comes out of house. Pari asks them to take her also. They say ok and takes her. Pratap is hiding and keeping eye on them. He takes the pasted advertisement and goes to Kunti. At home, Prathana does the aarti and gives wishes to others. Prema hopes phone comes fast. Someone calls. Prathana talks in hindi, Panjiri explains, Prema talks in French and Pari talks in her usual self and the phone gets disconnected. Pratibha comes and says she called to see the trial. She asks them not to talk like that and rehearsals with others. Pari hides and scares others. Pamphlets falls down on kusum. They come and manage to get the pamphlet.

Pratap comes and tells Kunti that her 5 bahus have started working without your knowledge. He gives the wrong pamphlet. Pari says this is not the one. Prema says it is the same. Pratap says he is jogi jasoos and tells what he saw in night. Kunti asks what Pratap is saying. Prema says we all were at night. Panjiri says Didi went to temple in dream so am I. Pratibha says you might have seen the dream. Kusum asks them to call on the number and phone doesn’t come on anyone’s no. Kunti gets angry on him. Pratibha asks him to rethink and says it might be dream. Kanhaiya asks Pratap if he is doing drama practice. Pratap says it was not a dream and tells bahus that he will make kaali daal eaten by sasumaa. Panjiri asks which dal? Khatru praises Kanhaiya and asks for leave. Kanhaiya asks where are you going? Khatru cooks a story. Kanhaiya hugs him and asks him to handle, asks when he is going with his girlfriend to watch film. Khatru says 10 am. He asks Kanhaiya to let him go and gives him pamphlet of the agency and asks him to get worker for the day.

Kanhaiya calls on that number and panjiri attends the call. Kanhaiya is surprised. Later Prema tells that they have received 40 calls today. Kunti comes and says you all are together since yesterday.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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