Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya sings and dances for his wives

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha asking Prema to rethink and get upset with Kanhaiya again. Pari comes there. Prema asks her if she is upset. Pari says not with you, but with Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya tries to talk to Pari. Pari talks via mobile phone and says she will not talk to him, as he don’t pout with her while taking selfie. Kanhaiya is confused and wonders why everyone is upset with him. Kanhaiya asks Prema if she has not made them understand. Prema talks via peacock feathers and tells that she is upset with him, as the pani puri was spicy. Kanhaiya gets tensed.

Prema asks others why did they get upset with Kanhaiya fakely. Pratibha and others tell that they also want to go out with Kanhaiya. Prema says you would have gone with him after 2 days. Pratibha says your name is Prema

and that doesn’t mean that you will only romance with him. Panjiri says next turn is of Prathana. Prema regrets to give them idea. Prathana says idea was of Maa ji and not of you. Pratibha reminds Prema that she was again upset with him. Prema goes and thinks why she went out of her own room.

Pratap is upset. Kanhaiya asks what happened. Khatri asks someone to get CD. Pratap tells Kanhaiya that Kusum told him that she will bring food, but she haven’t come till now. Kanhaiya says someone said right that husband don’t get love after marriage. Khatru says he got the song. Kusum comes there holding tiffin. Pratap pretends to be upset with her. Kusum dances while the song is played by Khatru….She says when you can sing song for me, can I become Hema Malini. She tells that Panjiri cooked food and she brought it. She apologizes for coming late. Khatru says jija’s destiny got better. Kanhaiya tells Khatru that Prema was upset with him, but now others too. Pratap asks him to sing and says even SRK sung song for Kajol. Kanhaiya says SRK. He wears SRK’s clothes and sings tujhe dekha toh yeh, dances to woo Prema. Prema goes.

He then comes to Prathana wearing sadhu’s attire and sings tu yaar tu hi mera pyaar…jogi…Prathana enjoys his attention and goes. He then comes to Panjiri’s kitchen wearing chef’s clothes and holding spoons. He sings song Wah Ji Wah..,Dheere dheere jo pyaar ki jo aag jal gayi….Panjiri also likes and smiles. He says atleast you agree. Kanhaiya comes to Pratibha wearing joker’s attire and sings suniye toh……kahiye toh….Pratibha enjoys the attention and likes his dancing, but pretends to be upset. He asks her to think and agree. Pari sees balloons and thinks mummy ji started this business. Kanhaiya wearing clothes like SRK and sings Pretty woman. Pari also dances with him. She is about to take selfie with him when Pratibha comes and takes her.

Kanhaiya comes and hears Pari. Pratibha says I am still upset with him, Panjiri says we are upset too, Prema says we will not melt with his dance, Pari gets up, smiles and dances singing pretty woman. Pratibha comes and says even Pari is upset. Kanhaiya thinks forgive me SRK, I couldn’t make you proud. Pratibha scolds Pari for dancing. Prathana asks until when we have to pretend like this. Pratibha says until he does something big for us. Prathana asks till he brings some surprise for us. Pratibha says yes. Pari asks if Kanhaiya will give you current. Prema asks her to be silent for sometime. Pari says ok and asks why we are angry with him.

Kanhaiya tells Kunti that his wives are upset with him. Kunti asks him to be strict with them and asks to stop the drama. Kanhaiya tells that the reasons are silly and tells Kunti. Kunti says they are enjoying seeing you in tension.

Pratibha says until he brings surprise for us, we will be upset. Panjiri says we will thank Maa ji as it was her idea. Kunti hears them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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