Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya’s wives realize he is not an addict

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap sitting at a roadside tea stall asks Khatru where is Manuaa. Khatru says his uncle fell in drain, she went to pick him up. Pratap sips tea, spits it and scoldss tea vendor that his generations are preparing tea, even then he prepares worst tea. Khatru says these words don’t look good from his mouth as he is worst actor. Pratap yells if he does not have good face, he should not speak bad. Khatru mimics various actors and shows his acting talent. Pratap asks people to clap to stop him. Khatri excitedly asks how was acting. Pratap says it was worst, he cannot act, asks tea vendor to take money from Khatru and leaves.

At home, Panjiri cries her husband is nashedi/addict. Other 4 console her and discuss if they are so shocked hearing about Kanhaiya’s addiction,

what sasuma Kunti must be thinking. Kunti walks in and says she has decided to speak about Kanhaiya addiction in addiction free week speech. Pari’s jokergiri starts. She says they should get Kanhaiya away from his addiction, then will not return to it. Kunti says drug addicts return back to addiction. All bahus and kunti’s jokergiri continues. Kunti says she will send Kanhaiya to rehab center.

Pari packs Kanhaiya’s tiffin and says she will give this tiff last time to Kanhaiya and says her husband is an addict. Prema says she broke Kanhaiya’s shirt button to fix it last time. Prarthana says she will do Kanhaiya’s last aarti. Pari says she will take last selfie and does her usual jokergiri. Kanhaiya comes hurriedly wearing T-shirt. Prema asks why he wore this. He says his shirt button was broken, he is in a hurry now. Panjiri gives him tiffin box. He says not needed for today, thinks today there is surprise lunch party. Prarthana tries to do his arti and Pari tries to take selfie, but he runs out of house.

At function venue, Kunti sits with Sarla thinking of revealing about Kanhaiya’s addiction during her speech. Sarla’s friend gives speech that she will not bend her rules. Pratibha says if she had been lenient, her son would not have run away. Kanhaiya comes to the venue. Pratibha thinks of confronting him once. Kanhaiya gets Kamal’s call who asks him to come and see arrangements and give his special gift. Kanhaiya asks if he wants to smoke, he will not let him smoke, it is bad for health. Pratibha reminisces Kanhaiya telling he hates smoking. Kanhaiya then asks if he has kept special apple juice which looks like Alcohol. Prarthana realizes Kanhaiya was drinking apple juice other day. Kanhaiya continues speaking. Praatibha finally gets convinced that Pratibha is not an addict. She passes by rehearsal room and hears Khatru practicing alcoholic dialogues which Pratibha spoke who says Pratibha did not know to act as alcoholic, so he is practicing. Pratap enters and after his drama reveals Kanhaiya was acting. Pratibha rushes to stop kunti.

Sarla goes on dias and after her jokergiri announces that Kunti devi will give program’s last speech. Kunti gets up. Pratibha stops her and asks not to take Kanhaiya’s name. Kanhaiya signals Kunti best of lucky. Kunti misunderstands and walks on dias. Pratibha informs other bahus that Kanhaiya is not an addict and tells them whole story. They all get happy that their husband is not an addict.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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