Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bahus opens Agency for household Services of Maids

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with neighbor talking to her servant and grants her leave. She tells Kunti that having a servant is like climbing the mountain. She says she will go to Vaisho Devi again to pray to get the good servant. Panjiri tells Pratibha that they got the work now which is needful in everyone’s house. Prathana says we shall start organization of hiring Servants. Pratibha says it is an important job. Panjiri says we will start a set of workers. Pari says I don’t know how to sweep. Pratibha says we will take the orders on call and send the servants there. Prema says from where we will find such servants. Kunti is still talking to neighbors. Neighbor tells that there is Shanti shiver in the temple and tells about some Baba. She asks Kusum to come. Kunti says Baba will get upset seeing

her sleeping and laughs. Kusum says Maiyya. Kunti says we both will go.

Panjiri gets numbers of the Servants. Prathana says she got it from her friends in the temple. Prema also gives some numbers. Pari says even I will get some numbers, she says she has put message on her social networking status. Prema says Mata ji will know then and asks her to remove the status. Prathana says where we will meet them. Pratibha says we will call them at home. Prema says it seems she is getting effected by Pari. Pari says I am standing close to Panjiri.

Pratibha says Maa ji and Kusum are going with neighbors to Shanti shiver and then we can call servants at home. Pari says we can also play hide and seek game.

Khatru comes to Kanhaiya and says he got slapped by Reshma. He requests Kanhaiya to increase his salary so that he can make Reshma have kulfi. Pratap asks him to wait for 2-3 years and says you shall be happy that atleast she touched you by slapping. Kanhaiya asks him to go. Prema says house is good.

Prema welcomes the Servants. Servant asks why did you call many servants. Prema says we didn’t call you to work here. Panjiri says we have opened an agency for Servants. Pratibha says we will take interview and send you to house. She gives them forms and they take their interview. Pratibha says work is done. Panjiri says Prathana thinks no work is small and our house agency name is koi kaam chota nahi hota. Pari says our agency name will be koi kaam chota hota nahi. They laugh.

Kunti and Kusum come home and see Servants leaving. Kunti asks her bahus why they are standing. Panjiri says they are searching Didi’s toothpaste. Kunti asks who are those women. Pari says they were….and asks her to let her think. She says they came to ask for date. Pratap asks did you give supari of kunti and asks him to tell so that he can be happy too. Prema says nothing and says did you hear. Kunti says no. Prathana says they came to ask for the address. Prathana says they were from women organization. Pratap says why didn’t you tell Sasumaa’s name. Kunti gets irritated. Kusum s ays something is wrong Maiyya.

Pratibha and Panjiri come out of house in the night to paste the pamphlets on the walls. Pari asks them to take her out also. Pratap follows them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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