Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pratap convinces Kanhaiya to act as drunkard in drama

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti angrily calls Kanhaiya/lalla. Sarla enters and calls her loudly. Kunti asks why she is shouting that happened to her. Sarla asks if she bahus threw her out. Prarthana comes and says she brought sugar when she heard her voice. Their jokergiri starts. Sarla says she brought her friend who wants to give speech on addiction free week function. Kunti says she is not in a mood of giving anything to Sarla or hear anyone’s speech. Lady says listens and says her son was an addict. Kunti asks if he did not listen to her and was drunkard and if she kicked him out of house. Lady says yes, but he did not return since 14-15 years and don’t know if he has become a beggar and begging in torn clothes. Kunti imagines lalla as beggar and cries..Lady says she was very strict with her

son, so her son ran away. Pratibha says even Kunti is very strict on Kanhaiya.

Kanhaiya asks Kamal about surprise snacks arrangements for addiction free week function. Khatru asks if he has arranged drinks also. Kanhaiya says cold tea for him. Kamal asks cig pack. Khatru asks if he has started to smoke. He says he is keeping Kamal’s cig pack to stop him smoking. Khatru says just like he keeps his salary and Reshma says right. Kanhaiya asks what his Reshma says. Pratap enters and starts his jokergiri. He shows a note written on his back that he is not a drunkard. Kanhaiya says that is right. Their jokergiri continues. Pratap convinces Kanhaiya to act as drunkard in drama. Kanhaiya hesitantly agrees after much emotional blackmail.

Kunti sadly says her lalla is an addict. She hears Panjiri crying and thinks table is crying again. Panjari say sit is not table or pillar, it is Panjiri who cries always. Panjiri cries that her husband is an addict. All 5 bahus join Kunti, and they all cry. Kunti says what was wrong in her upbringing that her lalla became addict. She says they should cry within and act as smiling in front of everyone. They all act same.

Pratap holding liquor bottle teaches Kanhaiya how to act as drunkard. Kanhaiya says it is not possible for him. Khatru mimics Sunil Shetty’s style. Kanhaiya says they have to stop people form addiction and not get them addicted. Pratap says he has to act as drunk and kill sasuma. Kanhaiya says why will he kill maiya, now see his acting. He holds bottle and acts. His wives and Kunti panic seeing that and cry again.

Kunti confronts god that she prayed him so much, but he let her son become an addict. Her evil side of inner self comes out and provokes her to punish Kanhaiya or just forgive him as he is her only son. Her angel side of inner self comes out and says she has to change lalla with love and sanskar. Evil and angel’s fight start. Kunti shouts at evil to go. Angel smiles that she won. Kunti decides to use sanskar even if she has to disown lalla.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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