Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya and Pratibha find the truth

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti asking Pratibha why did she call her? Pratibha says I want to say and stops. The man asks Shakti and Surili to give the money to Kunti and says it fell down from her purse. Shakti says our mummy told not to talk or listen to strangers. Surili says kidnappers kidnap kids with such greed. Kunti gets shocked when Pratibha tells her about 20 lakhs. Girls hold her. Kunti comes home and scolds Pratibha. She counts the money and finds one note missing. She recalls and thinks one note must have dropped when she brought vegetable. Shakti and Surili hear her. Shakti says that note was yours for sure. Surili says that uncle was telling truth. Shakti tells that uncle came to them and said that it is yours, but we didn’t take it. Surili says we followed French mummy’s

advice. Kunti gets angry hearing about Prema’s teaching and says you would have taken the money. Kanhaiya says Prema was right, why to believe strangers. Buddhi asks Kanhaiya why they are not following milk man and jeweller’s sayings without checking anything. Pratibha says we have blindly trusted them. Kanhaiya says we have to find out the truth. They call jeweller to kanhaiya’s shop and asks him to file FIR. Jeweller asks them to pay the money. Pratibha asks the CCTV footage, but he says that there is no CCTV footage and asks them to pay 20 lakhs rs.

Pratap asks Kunti why she couldn’t hire a driver and got a fine of 20 lakhs and 90 thousand. Kunti blames Pratap for acting to be dying. Pratap tells that he did that because of her. Kunti calls Pratibha and kanhaiya and think where did they go? Pratibha sees CCTV camera outside the ATM and shows to kanhaiya. She says if we get the CCTV footage then we will know the truth. Kanhaiya and Pratibha come home. Kanhaiya tells that chowksi got the CCTV from the owner of the ATM. They watch the CCTV and find Motilal stealing in his own shop. He asks Pratap to call Police. Police Inspector comes there. Kanhaiya tells Inspector about the jeweller stealing in his own shop and demanding 20 lakhs from them. Motilal looks on as caught. Kunti scolds him. Just then Milkman Birju comes there. Inspector calls his name. Kanhaiya asks if you know him. Inspector says he is a big fraud and fools people. Kunti scolds him. Pratap teases Kunti. Kunti asks Inspector to make them understand to eat bread of honesty. Inspector takes them. Pratap jokes again. Pratibha tells Kunti that she didn’t let the home expenses suffer. Kunti tells that her bahus are right and apologizes to Prema. She tells the kids not to hesitate to apologize on realizing their mistake. She apologizes for scolding them. Kids hug her. Pari takes their selfie.

Kunti tells a story to all girls in the night. The girls feel sleepy. Chanchal says it is a boring story. Buddhi says you will also sleep in sometime after saying boring story. They ask her to tell some superman story. Buddhi shows Surya man comic. Kunti asks shall we get chocolate factory rather than school. Dhairya says she will enjoy. Kunti says you shall learn something for values and info. Kids refuse to listen to Balak Babu’s story. Kunti asks the girls to pray to God before sleeping and asks them to come. She asks God to keep his blessings on them etc.

The girls pray to God to save them from Kunti’s discipline. A lady comes there. girls’ shout calling her Nani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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