Kya dil ne kaha kya tune suna (Intro & Episode 1)


hello frnds I’m shubhra n I’m here with a love story “Kya dil ne kaha kya tune suna”..hope u like it let’s start.

Swara (23)-She’s our lead heroine. whole story revolves around her n her love life..she’s cute,beautiful, kind hearted orphan girl
*Maheshwari Family
Ap maheswari-Mother of laksh & Uttara.wife of dp.
dp maheswari-Father of laksh,uttara..husband of ap.
Uttara maheswari-best frnd of swara(23)
Laksh maheswari(25)-hes in Canada for study & Handling their business there..He has crush on swara..
Maheswari Family is very rich &Respected family in Kolkata…
The rest of maheswari family will be introduced later.

*Swaras POV..
Hi I’m swara…I lived in “Happy Home”Orphanage..Orphanages mam told me that I’m only 2yrs old when they found me on road.They search for my parents but no one come to receive me…I don’t remember my parents.I don’t know where they are.. I was waiting for them I was in belief that someday they’ll came & Took me in their home in my home …but that never happened… Today I’m 23 yrs old.I worked with maheswaries in their business… my life changed when I met Uttara maheswari when I was in 9th…we became best frnd ..I visited her house.I really like her family,her mom,dad n laksh..laksh is very nice,very kind..we were like best frnd…But our relation changed when ap ma & Dp papa ask me to marry laksh.I never think laksh in that way..He has been my best frnd all the time..ap ma & dp papa didnt forced me ,BT I don’t want to hurt them..they gave me lots of I said yes.

I know laksh also don’t love me…BT he said yes for his parents sake…but he really takes care of me. we r best frnd.
He’s now in Canada..he’ll soon come back n we will got engaged…I don’t know I’m happy or not but I love laksh as a best frnd he’s always my supporter..
But he often said that-“Swara,ur really nice,really u deserved really nice life partner than me”…

when he said that I used to say-“laksh u r really nice,good man who deserved better girl than me.I even don’t know where is my family”then laksh always said that u have family maheswaries r ur family….

I know laksh is not happy with this relation BT we don’t have any other option..
Now I wanna go to maheswari mention to do preparations as laksh will come tomorrow.I walked on road lost in thoughts about engagement..suddenly some1 pull me n push me on the other side of road n fall on the road ..I saw his back took me few seconds to understand what had happens.A truck is about to hit me but ‘”he”save me again..He push me on other side of road..He’s always saves me..He’s in my life from one year.He’s always saved me

but I always see his back.. his touch n his fragrance is very familiar to me.but I don’t know who is he?n why he is helping me,he’s saving me? but he always escaped from me.But this time I wann a see him,thank him…
after saving me he walks towards his car fast…I was trying to stand n calling him
Me-Hey,thank u…I. …
finally I manages to stand but in mean time he left in his car..I speak with him for the 1st time as always I didn’t see his face..
so frnds here is 1st epi….plz tell me how’s this..
who’s the mystery man who saved swara all the time?
why he’s saving her,helping her?
stay tune u’ll get all the answers..
n plzz tell me how’s 1st epi

precap- lakshs entry & new twist

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  1. which pair is it?

    1. Shubhra

      Stay tune…I’ll get answer..thank u

  2. Silent_writer

    Its swalak

    1. Shubhra

      Who said its swalak..stay tune u’ll get answer.thank u dear

  3. SRSL

    Is this swasan or swalak ff…

    1. Shubhra

      Thanks 4 Reading. stay tune dear

  4. Nice start dear … Do continue soon… thnk u… :-*

  5. Shubhra

    Thank u so much dear!! Stay tune

  6. N dear…n i thnk mystery man z sanskar….bt i hv no prob cz i luv both d pairsn..

  7. Arshaanya

    Is it swasan or swalak?

    1. Arshaanya

      Loved d chappy… i hope dat stranger is sanskar n its swasan ?

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u soujanya

  8. A.xx

    the stranger is sansku and the twist will be to do with him being related to lucky i think.xx

    1. Shubhra

      Thank u Axx

  9. Alia


  10. Awesome

  11. Mind blowing

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