Kya dil ne kaha kya tune suna (Episode 5)

Hello shubhra again with another epi hope u like it..

★Epi 5★
Swaras POV
I came in my bedroom
I was lost in thoughts…sanskars thought…I really liked his caring nature n without any relation he helped me a lot in many difficult times….I would be very happy if he always besides me,I will be very happy if hes always there to share my highs & lows..I would be very happy if he’s my life partner…I don’t know meaning of love till I met him..He too loves me??I asked myself…
My heart says-Yes of course duffer,he loves u that’s why he’s always helping u,That’s why he cares for u,that’s why he saved u many times ….
I smile n stare full moon…
Suddenly someone knock on the door n I see its Ragini..
Ragini di…Now she’s my best friend I felt strange connection with her like I know her from ages…I shared everything with her freely without any hesitation…
She came n smile..
“Why r u staring full moon ha that too with blushing??-She asked.
I tried to act normal n said-I m not blushing..I just staring it coz its too beautiful..
Ragini-U know swara…if we r in love someone we suddenly likes moon,we kept blushing all the times & Smiling …love makes life beautiful soo who is lucky one?hh whom u loved so much..
I’m in shock how can She knows?
I- No Ragini di..I just…
Ragini-Come on,I can see it in ur eyes,Tell me after all I’m ur sister naa…
I smiled
Yes I got sister n she loves me soo much…I feel really attach to her.I feel she’s my real sister ..I felt as if we have blood relation..Finally I’m caught red handed& I can’t hide it from Ragini di.
I-Yes di I love sanskar .
(She seem shoked)
But she composed herself
Ragini-But swara u met her 1st time u
“No Ragini di he’s in my life since 1 year,He saved me,He helped me all the times when I was in problems but I never seen him…N today I saw him n recognized him .He’s the person whom I want to met Since one year..I loved him so much Ragini di..his my savior”

[I thing I already know sanskar,he saved me all the time This will shocked Ragini di but she isn’t reacted on this at all as if she already knows it BT the fact I love sanskar shocked her very much]

Ragini di looking tensed n hesitating asked me -‘Swara,What i
f sanskar didn’t love u?
I-No di..I thought he loved me that’s why He saved me all the time.
still Ragini di didn’t looked convinced..
Ragini-swara what if he said no to u…its just question plzz answer…
I-Di 1st time in my life I feel the feeling of love..The most beautiful feeling in my life..But if he said no to me I can’t able to forget him i ‘all just spend my remaining life in his memories…
Ragini di smiles sadly n cares my face n said-Ur love is true & Deep swara..U’ll surely get him..Saying this she kissed my for head n left from there…..

I’m really lonely girl till sanskar & Ragini come in my life..but I get my sister in Ragini fi & My love in sanskar…God always keep them happy praying this I slept…

I’m sleeping but sun rays disturbing me but suddenly sun rays vanished I opened my eyes n see it was Ragini di whos protecting me from sun rays..
I smiled n wake up from bed
“Gm di”I said …
“Gm swara” She said..I have good news for u
“Good news?I asked
“Yes sanskar said yes to marriage..
& look now u r going to marry ur love”
I am very happy!!!!Finally I got my love….I just wanna hug Ragini di..
I Walked towards her…
but in the next moment looked at the mess that I have created in room….n Give “Ur impossible swara”Expression n trying to clear my mess…
Ragini-Swara,In some days u’ll be in sanskars house n I’ll be not there to clean ur room…

I felt that she’s saying this by controlling her tears

I(Seriously)-Di,”Muze pata nahi meri koi sagi bhehen ya nahi lekin agar meri koi bahen hoti to apjaisi hi hoti'(I don’t know if I have real sister or not but if I have one she would be just like u)

Ragini di gets emotional n hug me I too hug her….

So frnds how’s this?do tell me…

Precap-Swasans marriage rituals


  1. Arshaanya

    |Registered Member

    Now m confsd sanskar truely loves her not??
    Coz d way ragini reacted i got dis feeling he saved her coz of some reason bt i hope hez madly in love wid her

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