Kya dil ne kaha kya tune suna (Episode 3) Revelations


Hello frnds shubhra again here..Thank u so much for commenting.keep reading &Supporting me. let’s start epi3.

Swaras POV..
I was staring at his chain.suddenly I got dp papas call they invites me in mm to live with themselves..
I reach there dp papa welcome me.
I-papa how can I live with
He cuts me in middle n said-“Swara ur my daughter n its ur fathers order…My eyes filled with tears I hug him..I remembered ‘His words,my saviors word n smile..

★★Raginis POV
I’m ragini Gadodia but from yesterday I’m ragini laksh maheswari ..I married my prince charming…..I love him n he too love me.I came in India for other purpose also ..I have to find my lost little sister..I know how she looks..When I entered in mm..I saw her..On that moment I’m happiest person on the earth..But next moment I find out that she’s the girl whos alliance was fixed with laksh…I felt very sad coz I broke my sisters alliance.I already have many reasons,my past due to which she definitely hate me and now I add another one….lakshs parents didn’t accept me,I’m really a bad sister,always because of me everything destroyed. Because of me lakshs parent did not talk with him…Laksh &I decided that when Lakshs Family accept me,accept us as “Raglak” Then we’ll take our relation to next level…
I told laksh That swaras my sister..he was really happy n ask me to talk swara about our relation..
But he didn’t know There r many more questions that will arise in swaras mind when she know about me.N when she’ll find all answers she’ll hate me…That’s why,That’s why i’ll never told swara that I’m her sister….I know I’m being selfish but I don’t want to lost my sister..I will love her without wanting anything in return…I’ll take care of her after all she’s my sister we had blood relations..

★Swaras POV★★

Ap ma doing preparation becouse uttaras chachi,chacha &Their son r coming to meet laksh n his wife Ragini.
I heard lot about Sujata chachi & sanskar (Uttara lakshs cousin) From uttara but I never saw them.. They lived in same city but in another mansion & Their business is also separate from dp papa.
Its 1st time that I’m going to meet them….
After some time door bell ring …
a lady who’s wearing blue saree & man come They must be Sujata chachi & Rp chacha..
Ap ma ask me to call ragini who’s in garden so I went to Garden..
There I find ragini is talking with a man..I am able to see his face,his handsome face,charming deep brown eyes,parfect eyebrows…
I thought to wait for few minites..
But it seems the man is shouting on her
Man(angrily)-why u r here?

Wait!! I have heard that voice before also.Yes Its my saviors voice.Once I considered that voice’ sweetest voice’ But now anger & Hatred filled in that voice.
Ragini-“Sanskar”,I’m dil of maheswaries.

That man is sanskar Uttaras cousin.. he’s my savior… But y he’s talking with Ragini like this?

Sanskar-So U came here to destroyed swaras life..

Now sanskars This statement made my doubt confirmed. He’s the one who helped me all the time by why?I never met him,never talk him..n y he’s angry with ragini?They know each other..

Ragini(Now with teary eyes)-Y would I destroyed swaras life?
she’s my si
Sanskar cuts her in middle.
sanskar(More angrily)-I know u r very interested in destroying peoples life,u have habit of playing peoples emotions.. but this time u never succeed…I know ur here to destroyed swaras life like u destroy….suh
suddenly he stops..n angrily leaves from there…
Swaras watches him from behind trees.. He’s voice she heard before..His back she saw before..He’s her savior. who save her,helps her many times…..finally she see him,she sees her savior,she sees ‘sanskar’

so frnds Finally swara met her savior,Sanskar….
But what’s raginis past?
Y sanskar hates her?
what’s connection between Sanskar-Ragini

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    Finally, swara met her savior…Hmmm, so, swaragini are sisters,good..Haww, sanky knows ragini… Don’t tell me they are are in relationship in past??.. Keep it up dear… Waiting for nxt..
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