Kya dil ne kaha kya tune suna (Episode 2)


Hello is shubhra again thanks for ur response n keep reading,keep supporting let’s start
so in 1st epi we met our cute swara n she again as always didn’t see his face….

Swaras POV.
“He again save me.I don’t see his face,just feel his fragrance, his touch.My savior. How he knows I’m in problems, how he always come to save me & always managed to escape from me..Is he spying on me?I don’t know..but he’s savior.sometimes I think God sent him to me,to save me,to protect me….Don’t know when I’m going to see him?

Oh I reach maheswari mention.The whole mention is decorated…Ap ma makes all laksh fev food…all family ap ma,dp papa,uttara r doing preparation to welcomed laksh..I joined them.
After sometimes Car come we all go near door to welcome laksh..ap ma gives me arati thali..n says”Swara,now this is ur responsibility.. I smile faintly.. Laksh comes out of car but he looks nervous.. he held someone’s hand..Girls hand..Girl comes out from car..She’s tall,beautiful.her hairs r open..she wear red saree with sindur & mangalsutra..laksh & Her held each others hand

We all r in surprise BT I thought she may be his frnd…They came in front of door.. ap ma goes forward n ask about the girl…
laksh said-Ma,This is Ragini,”Ragini laksh Maheswari”My wife…
every1 is shock…I’m also in shock,laksh is my best frnd but he never told me about ragini..I’m not hurt coz I never wanted to marry laksh so was laksh..I had feeling for him as a best friend…BT not like that…All r shocked.. They came inside the house. Lakshs wife Ragini is just looking at dp & ap ma
tensely…every1 is silent .ap ma & de papa r looking dispointed as well as angry.Finally laksh broke silence..

Laksh-Ma,papa..I’m really sorry.I never want to hurt anyone…I met ragini 1 year before..n I find what true love is..I can’t live without her..
dad plz accept her.
Tears r coming from raginis eyes.
Dp papa slaps hard laksh .laksh is in shock..

Dp-How can you do this? U said ur ready to marry swara and how can u marry other girl?…
Laksh-papa. I’m really sorry plzz forgive me..swara.he comes in front of me. Swara,I never wanted to hurt u. U r my best frnd.but I never loved u & I know u also never loved me and there’s no meaning of relationship without love..u deserved better life partner than me.swara. plzz forgive me.
I said-laksh that’s okk..plzz don’t apologized.
Dp-Swara will forgive you laksh..

BT we will never forgive you n never accept this girl as our dil..
Saying this ap ma,dp papa,uttara left from there..
Tears r still flowing from raginis eyes.but this time she’s looking at me and something very strange in her eyes which I can’t read…she’s looking at me same as ap ma looks at me with love in ap mas eyes for me but why ragini would looking at me with love?Oh god…
I said to ragini-Dont worry Ragini,soon they’ll accept u…I’m swara uttaras frnd..I thought we’ll shake hand
but she hug me.i felt we have relation from ages..I felt I know her from ages…
I take her to their room n left maheswari mention…

I felt sad coz from now there’s no relation between me & maheswaries

I sat in orphanages parks bench. theres dark…suddenly I felt the same,pleasent fragrance..fragrance of my savior.
I know he’s here..but alas! its very dark n I can’t see n I also forgot my mobile in my room…
i felt he seat on another bench in front of me…
he’s stranger but I don’t feel any fear..intact I’m comfortable,I’m safe then I heard most sweet voice
He-are u sad?..

I(without any hesitation)-Yes,bcoz I lost my family today
He-“if ur family loves u they’ll never left u..they’ll always be with u…
don’t worry”
He’s simple talks reduces my tention..
I again ask him- who r u???
BT he’s already left.oh I missed him again…
finally light comes n I found chain with ‘s’ on it..

so frnds how’s this tell me..
n do u think there’s some old relation between swara ragini?

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