Kuynki tum hi ho – 3


Hi guys due to some health problems I could not update in time. So this is my episode . I hope u like it.

Morning 8:30. A girl is shown praying. She says Bhagvan ji aaj mera din acha ho.
She turns. Of course it’s our RADHIKA. She takes her books and gets ready 4 college. She says Sam, Mihika, Amaya come fast. They enter. All of them look gorgeous. Mihika says, guys I may get late today actually I am going 4 a date with Mihir. All of them together says, OHH. Mihika blushes. All laughs. Amaya says I am not going to college yaar. That Sadu MANTU would be there teasing me. All says come on ms. Drama Queen . All leaves 4 college.

(I actually don’t know how a boys hostel is so no too many descriptions)

All boys ARJUN, NEIL, MANTU, MIHIR talking 2 each other guys today there is a test, have any of u guys learned anything? All together Nope, Neil no worries guys Chill .
We will ask our friends. ARJUN….. GUYS copying or cheating is wrong, we must not do that. MANTU and Mihir….. Stop ur lecture yaar pls. Come let’s go 2 college.
All leave 4 college

PRECAP : Gathering in canteen

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  1. Too short. …but sweeeeeet. ..
    Keep it up. Love you loads

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